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Javier Milei makes sure he talks to Elon Musk by phone

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The elected president of Argentina, Javier Milei I made sure that I replaced a telephone call with the Tesla duel, whereby these messages would exchange messages via the red social

There Office of the President Elect of Argentina He issued a press release in which he announced that the location was God this three days in pursuit of the South African magnate by part of the Argentine agent’s working team.

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“We need to talk about Elon”, Milei responds to a two-year publication from

I voted for Milei without saying anything: I thought it was like an elimination from “Big Brother”

Announcement from the Office of the Argentine President-Elect. Photo/Pantal Capture.

Milei invited Elon Musk to Argentina

This event has caused a great deal of expectation among Argentinians for this reason Elon Musk podría bring to the economy of the South American country, I said this was confirmed later by the community manager of the press team Freedom Advances (LLA), part of what Milei represents.

The young Iñaki Gutiérrez noted the following in his article: “Javier Milei ended up talking with Elon Musk and invited him to Argentina. We want to integrate into the world.”

The telephone call is God in it Hotel Libertador and you have the intervention of Diana Mondinoelected candidate of the LLA and future canciller of Milei.

Musk will not attend Milei’s investiture

The elected president of Argentina Milei I must not pass such a memorable moment in our social circles and it is clear that the founder of Tesla and SpaceX will not be able to see his presidential investiture take place in the next few days. Without embargo, the tycoon did not forget to visit Argentina for 2024.

Milei confirms telephone call with Elon Musk. Photo X/@JMilei

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