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Japan gives Putin the reins and will give technology to Ukraine against Russian attacks

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Japan I’m determined to follow apoyando at the pueblo de Ukraine so that it can slow down war in a territory that has been invaded for two years now Fuerzas Armadas de Russia. Before that, the Asian government will reiterate its position to give the reins to the Russian president Vladimir Putin to ensure military intervention.

Este domingo, Yoko Kamikawathe Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, confirmed in Kiev the “determination” of her country to continue helping Ukraine in front of Russia, in cases of two years of war, according to information from the AFP agency.

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Japan is against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Photo: Archive

The Japanese minister was targeted by Ukrainian victims

Kamikawa, the first high-ranking foreign official to visit Ukraine this year, reunited with her counterpart Dmitro Kuleba and visited Bucha and Irpin, two towns in Kiev seeking scenarios of “atrocides” attributed to the Russian army.

“Japan has decided to support Ukraine so that peace can return to this country,” the minister said in a press conference held in an air raid shelter as a security measure.

“Based on the results of my visit, Japan will continue to strengthen cooperation with Ukraine”: Yoko Kamikawa

The minister indicated that the government will move 37 million dollars to propose a system de detection de drones in Ukraine.

Yoko Kamikawa visited Kiev this Sunday. Photo: AFP

During her visit Yoko Kamikawa visited Bucha, a city in Kiev seeking the scenario in 2022 of a civilian massacre attributed to the Russian forces, as well as Irpin, another location where the combatants were particularly violent.

“I visited Bucha and there are fresh scars from the Russian aggression, and I am shocked by what you see there,” I say.

Later the Japanese minister met with President Volodimir Zelenski, who welcomed Japan on “help” in security, economic and humanitarian issues. “Japan is a very important and very solid partner,” said the Ukrainian State Jefe in the social circles.

With information from AFP.

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