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Janecarlo Lozano goes to GAM: “Encuestas me ponen arriba”

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Janecarlo Lozano, legislator of Morena, he defines himself as a “humble person, who knows what he wants, knows how to get it, who is a goal, who is happy and above all, who never abandons”.

Similarity, he expressed feeling proud of being a young businessman, and realized that “we are the product of energy, since I studied and worked in this place, for 21 years”.

En interview with Blanca Becerril for the section Perfiles en Heraldo Media Group, It turns out that all the territorial work has been focused on his mayor in the alcaldía Gustavo A. Madero, why he will seek to be the moraine candidate for this demarcation.

Expressed that his aspiration is legitimate because “we believe that we have a work that supports us”, as well as that “we have spent more than 15 years in the service of the elderly and the elderly of Gustavo A. Madero, we have a career of much work, a trajectory much care, and we believe that today, we can give the best results and without doubt we will win the election”.

“That our points are on the list, let’s raise our hands, let’s believe that we have the trust of the people, let’s believe that our questions go very well, we can get to the questions more than two days, and let’s believe that Morena’s method is paramount elect the candidate, the candidate, for the cargoes of popular election, is the right one, therefore, no other method”, added Lozano.

Indeed, unlike others, “we don’t govern ourselves with filias or phobias”, we can “believe that we have to rescue the best programs of the previous government ones, return to the best and also apostate them because the others have apostatised them”.

I remember that there are fundamental themes to attend to as they are: education, safety and social programs.

It also records that his foray into politics was 21 years old, to claim to recover a park occupied by traders, and which prevented his ability to carry out recreational activities in the same way.

He explained that he raised him to be president of his colony, and later became deputy, however, he recognized that trying to free the space “was a very strong travesty that I had to go through”.

He detailed that there was a very terrible issue of a lack of political capacity of the authorities at this moment, “so as not to get into problems with the traders and once again ask well with the old people”.

“As long as I was, as deputy, in 2009 to be exact, we achieved that our case in the Congress of the Union, and achieved a presupuestal match of seeking 12 million pesos to make a good park, relocating to the merchants , and here we have a park. It took me six years, imagine how long it takes a normal person to resolve a problem, a word, and this is the problem we live in day after day,” he pointed out.

I say that yes their beginnings were in the PRD, just like the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, This was because “he was the only party I wanted and the one who could participate”.

Let it be clear that from the moment he was elected as a representative in the Capitoline Congress, it was clear that his mission was “the deputy of Claudia Sheinbaum”, who admires and respects him.

“I didn’t exaggerate for a second, not a single effort to accompany her and from there on to her companion, I believe that this is why today we have had the confidence of being a summer delegate in Coahuila, such an important and difficult state, it can be the bastion of the PRI, it is nothing easy and we are now supporting her to be the first female president,” he said. It is clear that he never went to the PRD bench, I may say that when he was a candidate for federal deputy in 2018 for the alliance, “I once the public voted for Andrés Manuel and I received criticism, if I had said it, I went to the military to the PRD para defender to López Obrador”.

Furthermore, they also accepted that he would be in the rows for redists for fear that he might lose the register of the Sol Azteca party, since Gustavo A. Madero had an important presence.

“We know what we have to do with us, what we cannot abandon to the President, and so we give our trust and we are very congruent with what we think”.

On the other hand, I noticed that in her freebies she enjoys having the quality time in her four hijas, and I say that she and Gustavo A. Madero’s older children are my inspiration to do things well. She accepted that she loves the ‘playlist’ of her hija, Alondra, the mayor, “she knows everything, reggaetón, new, because I met Taylor Swift, who didn’t know who she was”, she said .


1.- Lozano Reynoso holds a Licenciatura en Derecho y Administración Pública.

2.- In the same way you will receive a doctorate Honoris Causa from the University Academic Clause.

3.- From 2010 to 2011, Janecarlo was the coordination coordinator of the Gustavo A. Madero delegation.

4.- He was previously territorial director of Zone 3 and 6, under the delegation of Gustavo A. Madero, from 2011 to 2012.

5.- Later, he acted as deputy deputy of the Congress of the Union in the LXIII Legislature.

6.- He is currently the deputy of proportional representation in the Congress of the City of Mexico.

7.- Since September 2021, Lozano is part of the Grupo Parlamentario de Morena, although he was elected with the PRD.

8.- It is an integral part of different committees such as the local Public Administration and the Hacienda.


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