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Jacqueline was suffering from domestic violence, she wanted to leave her husband and he asked her when she reached her dos hijas

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A mother and son dos hijasmenores de edad, fueron asesinadas in the municipality of Naucalpan, State of Mexico. According to Mexican authorities, the victim was identified as Jacqueline “N”, sufría domestic violence and he was trying to separate from her exposed, who refused to end the relationship. For several months spent with her, the man looked after her at the house of the wife and killed her, later he came to the children of four and a year ago, who also died.

Neighbors and family members, interviewed by the authorities, explained that Jacqueline “N” was constantly attacked by her boyfriend, Pedro “N”, so four months ago she made the decision to end the relationship. However, the man refused to indulge in her and constantly looked after her, ensuring that the woman felt comforted.

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They bind the process to the disappearance of their ex

Cae the sexto accused by the feminicide of a younger than 6 years, in Puebla

The woman wanted to end the relationship. Photo: cuartoscuro.

What do you know about feminicide?

To give her this situation, Jacqueline “N” called Pedro “N” at his home, with the intention of clarifying his sentimental situation and asking her for help. However, during the encounter, the man became violent again and began to strike at the victim and attacked her with a sharpening knife. Among various minutes, the woman murió as a consequence of the healings that I have suffered. Subsequently, Pedro “N” entered the door dos hijas and let us drink water with Veneno.

Las menores de edad también murieron on stage, as a result of the toxic substance they ingested. Old people who were caught by the grit – who died during the trip between Jacqueline and Pedro – alerted the police and wanted the presence of emergency teams. When the authorities arrived at the home, the woman and her hijabs did not contact them with vital signs, so they were declared dead.

The attacker quit his life among the murderers. Photo: cuartoscuro.

What happened to the femicide?

Por su parte, Pedro “N” se committed suicide luego de haber asesinado to his hijas. The man used a white weapon to make a deep cut on the neck. The police met him dead in the crime scene. The house where the massacre took place was ensured by elements of the police and staff of the Ministerio Público.

The Mexican authorities informed that the Fiscalía opened a carpet to investigate the crime and clarify the causes of death of the victims.

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