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It was because of his boy at school, so that he was skinned and the attempt to help him ended dead

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A father of the family he was asesinado while trababa de defender up hijo of one pelea. They took place in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. According to local media, last December 1st, the victim went to her home to go and collect her child from her school; no matter what, when she connected to the plant she was worried that the teenager was being hit by another studentso I decided to intervene and help him.

Apparently, the membership took place on the outskirts of a college located on Calle Teniente Coronel Mariano Albizuri, in the Ampliación Ferreyra neighborhood. Following the testimony of the witnesses, the students – younger adults – had a strong verbal discussion, which quickly escalated and led to the coups, this before the shock of others alumni and the fathers of the family, the children did not intervene.

They learned where the man was picking up his boy at school. Photo: special.

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How did the father of the family who was the defender of his son die?

Family members of the victim detailed that it was not the first time that the youngest of the two had been shot, and that he was the victim of bullying and he was constantly attacked by his companions. “They had problems in the schoolmy mother (the student’s mother) filed the complaint, she has an anti-panic button, and they came to harass my sobrino”, I said – before the media – the student’s wife, a woman called Marisel.

The woman also detailed it father of the menor murió in succession of two dances that he received from the fathers of the student aggressor. According to Marisel’s explanation, Juan Matías tried to help his son on the run, but the attacker’s father also approached the place and disappeared to the victim, who lost his life there.

Apparently, the minor was a victim of bullying. Photo: special.

What do you know about the man asked to defend your son?

As his family members took him to a hospital, the doctors could not do anything to save the victim, who was declared dead as a consequence of his injuries. On the other hand, the police confirmed that the detention of a person who apparently was related to the murder was recorded.

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