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It is the military air force of the United States on the coasts of Japan

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There Japanese Coast Guard met a person and rested on the sea, in the place where a US military airship was deployed Osprey with three people on board, before the coast of Japan, followed by officials.

The details regarding the loss of the Osprey and the guard of the people on board were not immediately clear, indicated Kazuo Ogawa, voice of the Coast Guard japonesa.

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The coastguards received an emergency call from a fisherman who was looking for the place of the accident, in front of Yakushimaan island on the south side Kagoshimawhich is in the southernmost part of the main island, Kyushujoined the spokesperson.

The airplanes and the patrol boats of the department met a person, who was immediately unnoticed, and the rest of the gray color that was believed to belong to the airplane, precisely Ogawa.

The airship viajaba hacia Okinawa

El Osprey It is a hybrid airship that lands and deploys vertically, like a helicopter, but during the flight it can turn on its wings quickly and travel much more quickly than a conventional aircraft. Los Marinesthe Armada y la United States Air Force They have distinct versions.

According to Ogawa, the aircraft has left the air station Iwakuni of the Marine Corps, in the prefecture of Yamaguchi and he stared when he headed there Kadena Air Base, in Okinawa. Apparently, the Osprey attempted to make an emergency landing at the airport Yakushima before testing, añadió.

Since 2012, these types of aircraft have been linked to fatal accidents. Photo: Special

United States and Japanese officials said that the aircraft belonged to the fleet of the Yokota Air Base, in the west of Tokyo. Los responsables de la Fuerza Aérea en Yokota They said they followed by confirming the information and asked them to make the declarations.

In August, a Osprey the Marines with 23 troops on board landed on an island in the north of Australia and I’ve been to the least three deaths and five critical moments during a multinational massacre.

Since 2012, less than five fatal accidents have been recorded among Ospreys and marines, resulting in a total of less than 19 deaths.

With information from AP

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