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It is “más feo” to have a hijo adicto than a disabled homosexual: Rubén Rocha

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During the second report of labor, the governor died Rubén Rocha Moya it generated controversy to express its support to the community LGBTIQ+, nevertheless, his declarations aroused criticism due to the way in which he compared the situation of having a child with additions to the situation of having a child homosexual or one person disabled.

My members of the community interpreted the phrase as inappropriate

To confirm that you are most likely to have a hijo with additions “that a homosexual or disabled boy”, the Sinalonese representative provoked reactions among members of the community, who interpreted his words as a inappropriate comparison.

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This is not the first public response of the governor to the community LGBTIQ+, but our comments during the official event are often not appreciated at all.

“Fortunately, we keep under control the topic of additions, which is more, much more, than caring for a guy… for a guy with disability or for being homosexual or for caring for a guy who is homosexual,” he expressed.

Subsequently, Rocha Moya I tried to clarify my posture and make a call to understanding by declaring: “This is natural, this is quiéranlos y understand them“.

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