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“It hurt me”: I didn’t confess that I had suffered a coup for less than 5 years because I couldn’t sleep

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United states find themselves in harmony where next 22nd of black if the contra juicio is realised Cheri Lynn Marler, She is accused of child abuse of a 5 year old and the abuse of her younger sister in the state of Utha, in the year of 2022, which has caused an outrage in that nation.

That day, the emergency and safety bodies arrived at the home of the woman who was born like the younger ones. At that moment she declared that she was the youngest name Anabelle if he fell off the stairs, it would lead to his presumed death.

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The packaged case was transported on a helicopter to a hospital, but the case failed 24 hours after the injuries caused. Including, after the first investigations, the authorities dismissed that it was an accident, and that the effects they do not correspond to a caída.

“Me tenía harta”, the confession of the alleged asesina

Lynn Marler, After being apprehended by the police, during an interrogation, he declared that he had been arrested by the minor with at least 7 shots in his head. Afterwards she didn’t remember what happened, only that she was asleep during the night serious stay in the room.

As he got older he noticed that the minor didn’t react, which caused him to alert the police. However, one of the old men who know the girl told him that once he asked him to decide what “ya estaba harta” of the menor, the only thing I wanted was “matarla”. Until the moment she is arrested and waiting for the law.

In the case, the implicated was declared innocent by her crimes and mental disorders, including reporting that Annabelle’s parents allegedly had drug problems, which was not yet confirmed. The other version pointed to the fact that her fathers and fathers had her assed and they accused the worker.

“I hope you get what you need,” says the mother

Kayla Kartchner, mother of the minor, launched a campaign in social circles to seek justice for Annabelle, including launching a publication that she generated controversy in society. In the public domain, care should be taken in intensive care by receiving adequate attention.

“I hope you get what you need in prison. My hija died on my arms and you lied that she fell on the stairs. We are destroyed,” if you read it in the publication

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