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Issue alert for presence of tiburon on the coast of Cihuatlán, Jalisco: prohibited aquatic activities

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Civil Protection de Jalisco issued an alert as a preventative measure South Coast Region of the state due to the presence of a tiburón in the coastal area of ​​the municipality of Cihuatlánademás, colocaron bandera morada from the area of Melaque hasta Barra de Navidad, to ensure that visitors do not carry out aquatic activities.

Through the social networks, the annex publishes this notice so that holidaymakers, as well as the inhabitants of the place, take their precautions and avoid entering the place. sea ​​to be born one of the other activities that take place in dangerous life due to the presence of dangerous marine fauna.

Following reading:

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Do you know what does the dead flag on the beach mean?

There are various warning banners that you can come across when taking care of the beach so you should know what the meaning of each one of them is to ensure that you take your precautions and if necessary, do not enter the water for your own safety. Many of these warnings prevent you including death.

The black bandera means: “It is forbidden to enter the sea due to the presence of dangerous marine fauna”.

What advertising banners exist on the beach?

Civil Protection of Jalisco has issued an infographic that explains what the meanings of the different warning banners that exist to protect visitors to the beaches risk to their health, so that in continuation we share with you on publicity in social circles for which you are enterado y, above all, the hagas case.

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