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Israeli bombing continues to the south of Gaza

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Israel bombed the south again Franja de Gazathree months into a war with Hamás that has converted besieged Palestinian territory into a simply uninhabitable place of death, according to the UN.

The conflict was resolved by the attack of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas On the 7th of October, which saw one thousand 140 deaths in Israel, the tragedy also spread across the region.

El Hezbolá Please click on the initial response to the number given below. Hamas en Beirutwhich a state defense official attributed to Israel, scattering dozens of fighters against a military base in Merón, in the north of Israeli territory.

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El Israeli army I confirmed that I had a couple of shots from here Lebanon and indicated that he responded by attacking a cell that participated in the launches. 2024 will be a year of combat, according to spokesperson Daniel Hagari, as part of a very high level of preparation of troops on the border with Lebanon.

En Gazathey reported attacks on Israel Rafah, the southernmost city of the territory where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians seek refuge from the combatants. There, Abu Mohamed, a 60-year-old Palestinian who left the refugee camp in Bureij, declared that, given that the war is about to enter in his fourth month, the future of Gaza appears dark, dark and very difficult.

The UN classifies Gaza as uninhabitable

There Franja de Gaza if it has simply been converted into an uninhabitable place, into a de place dead y desperationand their inhabitants are faced with daily amenazas before the sight of the world, denounced the jefe of humanitarian operations of the UN, Martin Griffiths.

The offensive of Israelwho swore to destroy the Palestinian Islamist movement, lost less than 22 million 722 deaths, in its civilian mayors, following the Health Ministry of Hamás, in power in Gaza.

More than 22 thousand people have died in Gaza. Photo: AFP

Según Israel, unos 132 rehenes of the 250 seized on 7 October by Hamás, a group classified by the European Union y United States As a “terrorist”, they remain under caution in the Palestinian territory. UNICEF warned that fighting, malnutrition and the health situation created a cycle of death that affected more than 1.1 million children in this territory.

There World Health Organisation (WHO) indicated that the majority of the 36 hospitals in the area were serving the combatants, and those who were still functioning were facing the shortage.

Miles of children are still alive in the region. Photo: AFP

A team from the UN consulted medical ministers to the authorities of Gaza Jan Yunis. “It was the first time we could do this training in 10 days,” declared Sean Casey, coordinator of the WHO.

El Israeli army declared that their forces targeted various terrorists and destroyed some of the entrances to the tunnels in Jan Yunis in the last 24 hours and who encountered hidden military chalecos in a medical clinic in the city of Gaza. Israel accuses Hamás of using civil infrastructure, such as schools and hospitals, to hide a red underground.

Increase attacks on state military bases

En Syria y en Iraqthe attacks on military bases of United States, Israel’s main ally, disappeared in the last few weeks. Y en YemenThe rebel hutíes supported by Iran multiplied their attacks on holes in the Red Sea in support of the Palestinians of Gaza.

In this context, the jefe of European diplomacy, Antony Blinkenhe met in Turkey to converse with the president Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the war in Gaza. Blinken will also visit various Arab states before heading to Israel and the occupied West Bank next week.

The inhabitants of the region suffered the stragos of the war. Photo: AFP

On the European counterpart, Josep BorrellHe will meet this weekend with Lebanese officials, also with the hope of avoiding a regional conflagration.

The diplomats will possibly address another topic: the future in Largo Plaza Gaza. The Minister of Defense of Israel, Yoav Gallantpublicly presented post-war proposals in the Palestinian territory which abogates for a sinister administration Hamasbut without the presence of Israeli civilians.

The plan still does not have the backing of the Israeli government, divided over this issue. For two Israeli ministers of extreme derecha, Itamar Ben Gvir y Bezalel Smotrichthe future of Gaza is the departure of the Palestinians and the return of the Jewish settlers.

European and North American diplomats seek a step up to the conflict. Photo: AFP

“No corresponds to Israel determine the future of Gaza“This is the land of Palestine”, declared the French Chancellor, Catherine Colonna, on CNN News.

From the beginning of the war to the Franja de Gazathe number of asentamientos and new routes for settlers has seen an increase since previously West Bank occupied, following a study by the NGO Peace Now.

With information from AFP

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