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Israeli bombing continues in the Gaza Strip

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Israel he intensified the games his bombardments in the Franja de Gaza, weighed the indices of impatience of the United States, on his main ally, which he sent to a high official of the White House in Jerusalén. This war, ended by the October 7 attacks of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas against Israel, has lost thousands of deaths.

The offensive of the milicianos of Hamas I’m looking for 200 million deaths, in my civilian mayor, according to Israeli authorities. Israel’s response has caused more than 18 million 600 deaths in Gaza, in its majority of young women and children, following the Health Ministry of this Palestinian territory governed by Hamás.

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Follow the ministry, los bombardios Israelis on the day of the game played to less than 19 people in the Gaza Strip. En West BankHaving also suffered a rebuke for the violence since October 7, the Palestinian Authority informed that two people were killed in Israeli attacks against the city of Yenin.

The president of the United States, Joe BidenAs the government received thousands of dollars in military aid to Israel, it noted that the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza weakens the country’s international support.

The first Israeli minister, Benjamin Netanyahuwhich embodies the government of coalition composed of ultra-Orthodox parties and of extreme derecha, replied affirming that his country will continue until the end.

Some regions in Gaza and the West Bank continue to reach Israel. Photo: AFP

“Nada nos detendrá. Iremos hasta el final, hasta la victoria“, he promised.

The war will continue with or without apoyo: Israel

The Minister of External Relations, Eli Cohen, I assume that the war against Hamás will continue with or without international support. Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivanplans to reunite with Netanyahu and his war cabinet in Jerusalem.

Sullivan declared a diary event Wall Street JournalBefore the trip, he would discuss a timetable to end the war and inform the Israeli authorities to advance a different phase of the high intensity operations that we see today.

The official will support extremely serious conversations in Israel, confirmed the spokesperson of the National Security Council estadounidense, John Kirby. Netanyahu admitted that he had concerns with the United States over how Gaza will be administered after the conflict.

The bombers have recently recovered. Photo: AFP

The Jefe of Hamas, Ismail Haniyehhe declared that “any discussion about Gaza or the Palestinian cause without the presence of Hamás or the faces of resistance will be an embarrassment.”

I replaced that Hamas This is a list for conversations that bring you to a political path that ensures the right of the Palestinian people to an independent state with Jerusalem as on capital.

A survey published by you Palestino Center for Investigación de Encuestas y Políticas He indicated that Haniyeh counts with the support of 78 percent of the inhabitants of the Palestinian territories, compared to the 58 percent who held before the war.

International pressure on Israel is increasing

Además de la presión estadounidense, la UN General Assembly I abruptly voted this week in favor of a name not binding on a high fire, but United States if pronounced against the mayoría.

The jefe of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, Philippe Lazzarinipointed to the miracles that the gazatíes address the darkest chapter of his story.

The UN estimates that 1.9 to 2.4 million inhabitants Gaza They have been displaced and live in carpas and are dependent on the supply of food, drinking water, medicines and fuel.

Wait for the moment, more than 18 million people have died in Gaza. Photo: AFP

The city of Rafahin the south look for the frontera with Egyptit was converted into a large field of desplazados, with hundreds of carp.

“We spent five days in the weather, and now the rain flooded the carp. Where are we migrating from? Are we in possession of our dignity?”, counted Bilal al Qasas, a refugee from the place.

There UN has warned of the propagation of illnesses and the Gaza hospital system is in ruins. Hamás authorities say that they are seeking unemployment for the children, warning that the consequences are catastrophic.

The Israeli army has held numerous bases in its ranks. Photo: AFP

El Israeli armyAt the same time, it takes increasing pressure to reduce the dead in its ranks and free the prisoners from the hands of Hamas. He lost 115 soldiers, 10 o’clock on Tuesday. In the attacks of October 7, Hamás captured about 240 rehenes. Tens were liberated during a one-week truce in November, and others died.

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