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Israel gives a round “no” to stop the war in Gaza; send a hard message to your detractors

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Israel god a strong mensaje over it armed conflict which is brought to the fore Franja de Gaza between their armed forces and the Islamist group Hamasthe first Israeli minister, Benjamin Netanyahumake sure that the time is right for you war in that territory term, at the time I responded to his detractors.

Dear God, Netanyahu descarded that he was going to have a high to the fire of the war that Israel supports against Hamás, a Palestinian Islamist group with which it has been in conflict for several years, where between 2008 and 2009 the escalation of violence resumed, until the 9th of October began a new stage of tensions.

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The war in Gaza has continued for 2 months. Photo: Archive

When will the war between Israel and Hamás end?

For Israel’s first minister, the only way for the army of their country to attack the Gaza Strip will be when they log “the elimination” of the Palestinian Islamist organization, ascertained quoted by the AFP agency a little more than two months after the armed conflict began:

“We will continue with the war until the end. It will continue until the elimination of Hamás, until the victory”: Netanyahu.

Asymism, Benjamin Netanyahu indicated in a video released by the Israeli government that those people who seek a higher risk of escape do not know the reality that they live in it Franja de Gaza:

“Those who think that we will live disconnected from reality”: Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu hizo estas declaraciones coincidiendo con un visita este miércoles a Egypt of the jefe de Hamas, Ismail Haniyehto participate in conversations about a high level of fire in Gaza.

A Hamás leader told AFP that “a high total fire and a withdrawal of the Israeli occupation army from Gaza are necessary conditions for any exchange” between Israelis and Palestinian prisoners.

The National Security Council also debated this week a resolution project to speed up the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza. The initial resolution project called for a “hard issue” of hostility, but the vote was approved two times and the members of the Council of Security sought the appropriate formula to avoid the veto of the United States, Israel’s main ally.

With information from AFP.

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