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Is the 24th of December obligatory?, the Trade Secretariat will clarify it

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Good night and Christmas are coming, so that it will soon be time to enjoy the family, the gifts, the delicious Christmas dinner and the famous peleas on the abuela’s grounds. But before every holiday that comes to us, one of the doubts that Mexicans hold is this Sunday 24 December it is considered as obligatory descanso. Do you know? Here we contact you all.

En plena vispera navideña, la Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social (STPS) I decided to clarify all the doubts and give us the answer that many people will surely not like. Of course with the dependency, working on the 24th is not considered obligatory before the law, only if your company decides to give you the exemption, and that is different.

Follow the text:

The 6 CDMX dishes that will love you this Sunday 24th December

At one hour in Nochebuena, a trabajadora dies atropelled in front of the Mercado de Mixcalco

If you are unsure about the days of obligatory descanment or other work related areas, contact (Profedet) or call us at 800 911 78 77.

Is December 25th obligatory?

But now make yourself sad, because you have good news. In case in your work you also have to work with this Monday 25th Decemberwhich follows the article 74 de la Ley Federal de Trabajo yes e.g considered a day of obligatory descansothe patrons must pay the salary that corresponds to a deduction or double for the service provided.

Llegó the aguinaldo and with him the opportunity to satisfy certain necessities, among them, the Christmas dinner, in which a family can spend 1,600 pesos or more, in agreement with specialists from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL).

Panic purchases never stop in these years
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The director of the Centro de Investigaciones Economicas de la UANL, Edgar Luna Domínguez, mentioned that the costs of the most purchased foods during this time, like the pavo, will be equivalent to what they were like before the pandemic began; es decir, they do not present a significant increase.

Calendar 2024: holidays, weekends and holidays

  • Black Monday 1st / New Year
  • February 5th / Anniversary of the Constitution of 1917, the first anniversary of the next year
  • Monday 18th March / Christmas of Benito Juárez in commemoration of 21st March, the second day
  • Miércoles 1 de Mayo / Día Internacional de los Trabajadores y el tercer puente
Commercial centers with classic photos with Santa
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  • Sunday 2 June / Federal and local elections, it is decided that there must be a mandatory election
  • Monday 16th September / Independence Day, the fourth day of the week ends
  • Monday 18th November: Day of the Mexican Revolution, fifth day of 2024 and last before the fiestas of the end of the year.
  • Miércoles 25 de diciembre: Navidad. Last compulsory exemption holiday of 2024.

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