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Is it an apology for crime or a culture of cancellation? Where drug corridors are prohibited

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The interpreters of narcocorridos They’ve seen shit on the street and they’ve been reported as promoters of it delincuencia organised When approaching topics that are classified as instruments oriented towards making an apology for the crime, a way to justify the practices outside the law will be seen as something aspirational, highlighting the people who come up with it.

To curb drug corridors that are reported by the authorities as promoters of organized crime, in some states of the Mexican Republic it was prohibited which will feature this musical genre in any public space such as in bars, restaurants and even in public transport.

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SEMUJERES proposes that to dispel the apology of crime, one must embrace culture

The reaction to organized crime will not intimidate us, our security plan persists: Manuel Alonso García

The drug corridors were canceled in massive presentations. Photo: X @Jovan_Kazui

What is the culture of cancellation and the apology for crime?

The exponents of the drug corridors also faced the call cancellation cultureconcept that refers to the withdrawal of support or ignoring a person who carried out a questionable offensive action against another or a specific group, which is discussed with the Observatory of the Institute for the Future of Education of the Technological de Monterreycan be translated as a form of bullying group:

“One type of group bullying is that there are many people who are careful to attack or descale the points of view of another person or company. This has become even more popular to reveal racist, homophobic and macho attitudes”, indicated Tec, who agreed that it could be counterproductive:

“It is such a great movement that various people have lost their labors by being cancelled, without the possibility of mending or correcting their actions, seeking to always be entangled in a burden of public hatred”, stated the regional institute of higher education.

On the other hand, this is the apology of the crime, which is also typified as a crime sanctioned in the country, and the exposure that must be directed in a massive way that spreads ideas or doctrines that trigger the activities, which in the case of drug corridors involve the organized crime, which is understood with the study of the AN MNarcoseries – apology of the crime, the concept is considered as a crime when:

“The apology will only be criminal as a form of provocation and if by its naturalness and circumstances it constitutes a direct incitement to commit a crime”: UNAM.

Do drug corridors make an apology for the crime? Photo: X

Where are drug corridors prohibited?

Previously, in three states of the country the reproduction of drug corridor songs was strictly prohibited, after the exhibition in coffins and other recreational centers, until the concerts, which are the main events where the groups have their major entrances.

For that matter, the states of the Mexican Republic where drug corridors were prohibited are:

  1. Chihuahua
  2. Sinaloa
  3. Quintana Roo

Although drug corridors are also prohibited in the state of Jalisco, they are only applied to a certain type of special events, given that one of the current organized crime groups that have the greatest presence in the country near the Sinaloa cartel operates in the entity.

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