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Is a VIDEO of a tiburón in the beaches of Zihuatanejo real? Guerrero authorities will declare it

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A tiburón was seen at the orillas of Playa Linda in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero Late this Monday, December 18th, through a video on social networks, which generated a lot of controversy among Internet users who wondered whether this huge piece was real or whether it was just a bad joke on the part of some people who only use it a wing on the shoulder to help him visitors.

The famous video shows the attack of a man tiburón to a tourist in Jalisco, who ended up with a leg amputation, the same injury that would cause her death minutes later. The fact that at the moment has not yet been confirmed is whether it was a crocodile or a bull tiburon and the animal that had attacked it.

Presence of a tiburón in Zihuatanejo Photo: Archive

VIDEO: Testigo reveals disturbing details about the animal attack to a tourist in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

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What did the authorities of Zihuatanejo say regarding the video of the tiburón?

The material went viral online, where locals ensure that it is video it was grabbed a few days ago in which it was the possible piece of the most four meters that attached to a tourist last December 14th; without embargo, the government of ZihuatanejoGuerrero, shared in his social media a comparison of a video that was captured in 2022 with the same angle as the controversial clip.

“The video lasts approximately one year and a half year, aimed at people in the area”, is played in the video and prompts users to review the differences that exist in each category.

If you keep your flag on Playa Quieta de Zihuatanejo

The video assumes that the lights have not been installed, the phonological structure is not present and the palm trees meet in that same place – when they have recently appeared for a year –. In this sense, the account of the government of Zihuatanejo ensured that they are strengthening the surveillance work by the Secretariat of Navy and Civil Protection and Bombers, place of attack on touristwhich cannot be confirmed if it was a reptile or a bird.

After the 14th of December, keep the dead flag on Playa Quieta de Zihuatanejothrough the attack of an unidentified animal.

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