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Invest your money in this ₹ 32 share, it will make you a millionaire by 2030

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You must have heard such brokers in the stock market who tell that investing money in this city will make you a millionaire in 1 year, this does not happen anywhere, but today I am going to tell you about an index fund where you You can invest money in the country’s big IT companies, if that sector grows and those companies do well, then your money will also grow well, yes we are going to talk about (NIPPON INDIA ETF NIFTY IT) ETF in this country’s top 10 companies You get returns according to your performance.

The better these IT companies will do, you will get such good returns. At present, the price of ETF is around ₹ 32. Now is the right time for you to invest because there is a huge fall in IT sector stocks at present, but in the coming times, it will continue to fall. round may emerge

And these companies can grow back rapidly, at that time the amount invested in this ETF will definitely benefit you, as the demand for technology and internet is increasing, according to that, the revenue and growth of IT companies will also increase in the coming time. There are people from whom IT sector is going to get boom and we can also take advantage of this land with the help of this ETF.

Let us tell you that we call ETF as Exchange Traded Fund, you can take it like a mutual fund, but in mutual funds, you cannot buy and sell directly, but you can buy and sell ETFs at the time of the stock market.

Disclaimer:- The content we post is purely for the purpose of education and entertainment. We are not SEBI Registered Financial Advisors. Therefore we do not provide any investment or financial advisory services. You will be solely responsible for your money and your decisions.

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