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Intent of attack in a nearby restaurant with the thief killed; former police defended his family

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There safety record of a restaurant God knows the moment in which a sujeto he attempted to attack to a family, but they didn’t know that one of their members was a former police who carried it I recommend a weapon, y finished without life. The comments of the internet users have been divided.

In the video you can see one delinquent links to the restaurant on motorbikeaccompanied by at least two accomplices, where it all goes a family he was starting on a table outside the shop above the counter; in a surprising way, the man carries a weapon and start loving them all, taking them out of their place and introducing them immediately into the shop.

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Sujeto tries to attack a restaurant, but ends up fooled by a former policeman

The attacker was killed by a former policeman. Credit: Twitter

The mayoría de ellos hace caso a las indications of the thief and they begin to enter the restaurant without embargo one of the adults who meet in the outside table salt de new cuenta but this again with weapon in your hands and arrest yourself against this criminal and against your accomplices.

Finally, the thief, the person dressed as a black player, jeans, tennis and wore a hat to try to hide the identity of the cameras, that broken on the asphalt while the señor continued shooting at his accomplices, but one of them found himself on the motorbike from which they were traveling.

I know with the help of the security camera that the success will take place every day December 15, 2023If you don’t know the exact location of the items. Users of the social police have informed that the person who disarmed the weapon was supposed to a retired policyreason for the fact that he acted in a heroic way.

Expolicía frustrates an assault on a full street and leaves a thief without help

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Considering that the majority of users have been in favor of the actions of the subject that defend your family many have criticized the excess of violence with what happened where one encounters in the room can be seen in the rooms which one looks for and destroys on a few occasions which could be known as the shot of grace. This could solve your problems when seeking justice for them

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