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INE discovers and stops militants of political parties infiltrated in cases

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The National Electoral Institute (INE) It curbed infiltrators of political parties who sought to undermine electoral supervision and capacity in the 2024 electoral process.

The Comisión de Quejas y Denuncias del INE prevented that 66 aspiring people The cargoes of electoral supervisor and electoral assistant manager will continue on the process of negotiation, due to the fact that they are affiliated with some political party.

With the help of more than one person you are affiliated with the parties, you are prevented from continuing with the process for these cargoes.

In November, the INE informed that of the 121 thousand aspirants to supervisors and capacitators, 5.8% (slightly more than six thousand aspirants) appear to be masters of militants, which is illegal.

During the session, the president of the Comisión de Quejas y Denuncias del INE, Claudia Zavala detailed that precautionary measures have been taken against 66 people aspiring to electoral supervisors and capacitators for the Electoral Process 2023-2024.

“If it was determined as a procedure to prevent aspiring people from continuing with the process of recruitment and respective negotiation, as long as the basis of the assumption was finally resolved, the political parties involved in these procedures presented the original formats of the respective affiliations that, in a preliminary perspective, they acredit them as their militants”, he indicates.

Zavala explained that a precautionary measure is applied to avoid committing any violation of the principles and to allow people who do not comply with the requirement to intervene in the organization of the comics.

The Commission will continue with its investigations into the capacity and electoral supervisor of the military in political parties.

According to the law, one of the requirements that aspirants to public cargo must fulfill is that they are not militants of political parties less than a year before their registration.


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