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INE: Can I vote with my credential to come in 2023 or 2024?

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It is not a falsehood when tenths of the credential to vote is expedited by it National Electoral Institute (INE) It is one of the most important documents in the country, which not only functions as a tool for identification, but also to be able to cast your vote in the country’s elections.

However, one of the aspects that you need to know about this elemental document, where exactly you should take note of your personal data, is that it has a valid period of life, it is stated, on the front part of your plastic comes the Vencimiento date where it cannot be used.

Follow the text:

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Vehicle Verification 2023: these are the channels that will be suspended in December on CDMX

The Electoral Process 2023 -2024 he will be recognized as the greatest in Mexico. Federal elections and the competition of the 32 federal entities will be celebrated.

INE extends plazo to renew the credential

The same institute through its social networks has reported that in the event that no returns you INE will lose your place in the electoral master, therefore you will lose your right ones. Luckily, you have extended the space to renovate hasta on the 22nd of January, so please check.

You only have to go through your INE form to search for or schedule a quote via the digital platform. In this process you can update your photograph, signature and dactilar hues, in case you have changed residence.

INE expanded the strength of credentials to vote

However, in the event that for some reason it is not possible to renew, this news is also for you, as the National Electoral Institute also expanded the validity of the plastics that expire in 2023, it is decided that they can be used as normal in the elections of 2024.

The maximum space will be until the day of the electoral day and in case of extraordinary elections. The dependency detailed in a press release that its estimates correspond to 3 million 861 million 567 credentials they may be used in the next batch.

Por su parte, young people aged 17 and 18 They can be sent to the plastic until the 22nd of June, so that they can count on their first elections.

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