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Indigent woman who impujó a 3 year old girl on the streets of the train will receive judicial punishment

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Brianna Lace Workmanone woman en situation de calle who was captured at that moment had to one niña three years ago he walked the train routes in Oregon, United Statesknew the resolution regarding the judicial situation in which it occurred sentence to continue low observation for the next 10 years.

The 33-year-old woman was declared guilty as a child on the streets Zoe Rodriguez while they are at the entrance to the Gateway Transit Center Portland Last December 28, 2022. More than a year after the accident, Brianna was punished by being locked up in a psychiatric hospital, according to information from the NY Post.

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FUERTY IMAGES: mother and children are undergoing a moving train, but the woman is on the streets

They happen at the moment when a man is stranded by the Indian metro

The attack on the little girl happened more than once. Photo: NY Post

The little girl was injured on the street

Edad’s menor was paraded alongside his mother’s call CatalinaWhile they were waiting for the train to arrive, when it was ready, Brianna took a moment to leave her mother’s skin so that she could put Zoe’s shoulder on her shoulder, as she walked along the metal paths, hitting the beak.

In respect, Mike Schmidtfiscal of the district of the Multnomah county, described the form as it was attacked the menor of edad: “The little boy was terrified by the metal barandilla and the rocks before were quickly recovered”, I said the fiscal who God followed the case tras the arrest of the woman on the street.

Between the strong blow, Zoe Rodríguez suffered a strong blow in the darling who left her marked with a red hand, as well as a strong pain in her head, which she carefully took care of receiving medical attention, while her assailant who lived on the street from now on 2011, was detained by the police.

Brianna Workman was sentenced to 10 years in a psychiatric hospital. Photo: NY Post

Brianna Workman could ask for freedom

During the beginning of her judicial process, Brianna Workman was judged like any other mentally fit person to deal with the law; without embargo, circuit court Nan Waller determined that the accused would suffer esquizophrenic that the deja with the inability of being able to understand the crime that happened.

Brianna Lace Workman was declared guilty of various crimes, including putting another person in a reckless manner, as well as disrupting the public order and interfering with the operation of public transportation. Before that, the woman was interned in the state psychiatric hospital for a maximum of 10 years, although she could gain lower conditional freedom.

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