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Indian-origin minor missing in America, father was afraid of being fired

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Indian-origin minor missing in America, father was afraid of being fired.

In Arkansas, America, a 14-year-old minor girl of Indian origin has been missing for the last three weeks. According to the Indian Express report, the police have indicated that she may have fled somewhere due to fear of father’s layoffs in the tech sector and fear of leaving America.

Minor was last seen 3 weeks ago

The missing girl has been identified as Tanvi Marupally. The Conway Police Department (CPD) said Tanvi Marupalli of Conway, Arkansas, was last seen in her neighborhood on January 17, when she left for school on the bus.

According to a kark.com report, police officials said that they believe that one of the possible reasons for his disappearance was the fear of his family being deported.

At the same time, Tanvi’s parents also believe that their daughter has gone somewhere due to the immigration status of the family. They say that even though they have been living in the US legally for many years and hoping and trying to gain citizenship, the country’s immigration policy has put everything on hold, reports katv.com.

Fear of losing father’s job

Tanvi’s father, Pawan Roy Marupally, works in a tech company. Amidst the ongoing layoffs in the tech sector, his job is also at risk. According to kark.com, however, he has informed the CPD that he is no longer afraid of losing his job, nor is he worried about leaving the country.

According to The Washington Post, nearly 200,000 IT workers have been laid off since November last year, including some record numbers from companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon.

According to the report of India Express, industry insiders told that, 30 to 40 percent of these are Indians, who are on H-1B and L1 visas.

According to LayoffTracker.com, 91,000 people were laid off in January 2023 alone and this number may increase in the coming months. This is having a huge impact on them and their families, especially H-1B visa holders.

It has been said in the report that Tanvi’s mother Sridevi Edara also had to lose her job. Sridevi had to return to India alone and apply for a visa again as Pawan’s dependent. It has been told in the report of katv.com that it took a year for him to come back to his family.

$5,000 reward

According to the report, Tanvi had also asked her father about the expiry of her work visa. On which Pawan told him that there is no need to panic.

Along with this, Pawan told that, “I said..you and your mother will have to go to India first. Then after getting a good job, I will call you back.” He further added that he then said, “What, go back to India? Why should I go back to India? I’m going to stay here.”

The report said that her parents believed that the chances of their daughter being removed from her home in the US were very high.

Many groups including the police are looking for Tanvi and now a reward has been kept for whoever finds her. Tanvi’s family has also announced a reward of US $ 5,000.

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