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Increasing cases of VSR in children in Mexico is the same illness that affects hospitals in China?

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Mientras que China reported an increase in cases infantile neumonia caused by a pathogen that has not yet been identified, the health authorities in Mexico raised alarms due to the increase in minors infected by the respiratory syncytic virus (VSR), an illness that goes on increase and which infects dozens of children, teenagers and teenagers.

According to official figures, shared by the Health Secretary, until the 21st of November, the winter season has seen an increase in cases of respiratory viruses, with VSR being the one that predominates during the winter months ; Hasta now, the entities most affected by this illness are State of Mexico y City of Mexico. However, the dependency emphasizes that no malfunction related to this pad has been reported.

The most affected by the VSR are older children. Photo: Freepik.

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Do you have an increase in VSR cases in Mexico?

According to the information from the Secretariat of Health, in the State of Mexico and the CDMX 456 cases of respiratory illnesses in children have been reported, of which 241 were positive to VSR. The main ones affected were children aged 1 to 4 years old, as well as children aged 5 to 9 years. On the other hand, the Pan-American Health Organization (OPS) informed that by the end of November 4,000 63 cases had been reported in Latin America, Argentina being the country with the highest number of cases, followed by Chile, United States and Colombia.

The Health Secretary explained that VSR is a respiratory virus that usually causes symptoms similar to respiratory viruses and is the most frequent viral cause of bronchiolitis, neumonia and lower respiratory tract infections and hospitalization in children throughout the world. The infection includes symptoms such as rhinorrhea, reduced appetite (hiporexia), cough, fever, fever and wheezing.

The symptoms are similar to the cold. Photo: Freepik.

Do you have an increase in neumonia cases in Mexico?

Cabe mencionar que el VSR is the most common cause of inflammation of the lungs, is to decide the neumonia. No, this only occurs in extreme cases, where the illness extends to the lower respiratory system. Given that respiratory syncytic virus has been on the rise, there has been no increase in cases of pneumonia in the country.

So far, the Health Secretariat has only issued alerts for the increase in VSR cases, but not for neutrality. Cabe mencionar que los Centers for the Control and Prevention of Diseases (CDC, by its acronym in English) do not recommend using antiviral medications as routine treatment to combat this type of infection, the majority of RSV infections disappear in just one or two weeks. Without embargo, some people can become seriously ill and medical attention is required.

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