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Inclusive spaces in Mexico

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Mexico is a named country megadiverse due to your research in flora and fauna; This is something that we learned from the primary, however, our country goes much further than plants and animals, so if we focus on social aspects, we will find that there is also a wide variety of breeds, customs, cultures, etc. We can meet people descending from our roots, as long as foreigners have adopted the country and now they are a Mexican more, just record the famous phrase: “Mexicans were born from where they are born”.

And although from the first instance we may sound like a paradise, unfortunately we are unable to advance in many social aspects. To mention some examples, how many times have you encountered spaces for people with disabilities? How many times have these been respected? In the same way, a phenomenon that has been criticized enough in recent years is the “white Mexicans”, Mexican people who enjoy various privileges to keep a clear skin tone, when most of the Mexican population is more black and on more than one occasion he has suffered discrimination.

Megadiverse Mexico
Photo: Secretaría de Desarrollo Social y Humano

We must begin to understand how a society that Mexico has advanced in many aspects and must continue like this, but to do this we need to broaden our thoughts and respect the spaces of people, we must also enjoy our loved ones as Mexicans. To weigh what has been achieved by means of marches, talleres or actions appropriate to it diversification and inclusionto us there is a wide path to follow.

The transformation is done by young people

It is difficult for a person with many years of age and well-established habits to change their thoughts from night to morning, but young people can experiment and agree to the changes that Mexico requires; and so the country can transform itself as it has been doing for years.

In the episode “Young people have done the transformation” of the podcast “Sheinboom”Five young people are invited to talk about their experience creating spaces of inclusion, as well as representing various regions of the country, demonstrating that in 5 people it is possible to meet enough diversity, in all the country there is and it must be visible.

César Omar Hernández, national multi-medallist para-athlete in birth
Photo: Sheinboom Podcast

Those invited, from the hand of the pre-candidate for the presidency, can touch themes like the diversity of races, cultures, ideologies, preferences, etc. seeking that through activities they can expand inclusive spaces for everyone since they are at the top of the others and so, more young people can embrace their roots.

“If we forget our roots and where we come from, therefore any person, movement or thought will be able to get by and learn from your origin”

A nation cannot be built unless its young people participate and feel proud of the country they live in, the homeland demands its ideals, it needs them to keep their hope alive for a better future for everyone. Let’s start by highlighting each and every one of the spaces that make up it diversity in Mexico.


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