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In hope of the Navidad mata on his pareja and cuñado so as not to lower the volume to the music

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En visperas de la Navidad, Victor Figueroa I rushed in fury with his wife and his hand where the feet were lowering the volume of his music, a situation which rose out of control where the man used a pistol to stick it inside your house in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Upon arriving at the house where Christmas would be celebrated, Victor was accompanied by his wife Rosana Coronel. When they settled down, the woman’s performance played music at a considerable volume, because of which I thought that her voice would bother her and that she was being listened to very loudly, with the observation that Victor hurt him because he began to attack Rosana .

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The man tries to coup his wife with his skin behind his cat

Victor Figueroa joined with his cuñado. Photo: 0223

His cuñado tried to save his mother

When the discussion took a turn for the worse, Victor promptly took the gun he was carrying on his belt and disappeared in quemarropa in su pareja. In response to her aggression, the woman’s husband tried to defend her, but he also received shots from part of her cuñado, who ended with the cometer of the double donkey in Mar del Plata.

The attacker managed to escape in a gray Volkswagen Suran; Without embargo, he was intercepted by the police, who when detaining him encountered the .38 caliber revolver with which he took his side and his hand. During the crime, the victim’s hija called Anabela, was the witness of the assailant and related what happened to the local media 0223:

“I asked them to my mother, I defended myself and I took the gun and I killed them. My brothers were inside the house. If they picked up 6 odd ones”: Anabela.

Victor asked himself to his wife. Photo: La Capital

Similarity, Anabela realized that even though they knew that Victor Figueroa was an aggressive person, she didn’t imagine that he would end up asesinar: “I don’t believe what is happening. This little boy was with my mother for 11 and 15 years. She was a buena mujer, she was a worker. We know that he was violent, but we can’t imagine anything like that,” I said and agreed:

“Now we just ask that there is justice for my mother and my father and that at the very least, the perpetual life. That’s right, because she doesn’t have the name that she knows”: Anabela.

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