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In China they use Artificial Intelligence to digitally resurrect their dead

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In a pleasant cement plant in this country China, Seakoo Wu picks up his phone, places it on the tombstone of his son and watches a video where the foul boy appears. These are words that I never say that the student is flawed, but that they were created by artificial intelligence (IA).

“Every day you feel a great pain for me, and you feel guilty and useless”, Xuanmo expressed in a slightly robotic voice. “Although I cannot return to being on your side, my soul follows in this world, accompanying you in life.” Anguished by the pain, Wu and his wife joined the growing number of chinos who return to the technology de AI to create avatars of your gods.

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The replicas behave like clones of the most requested ones

“I can teach him (…) so that when I see him I am my father”, assures Wu, looking for the avatar of his faulty son. PHOTO: AFP

Wu hopes to create one reply authentic that behaves like a flawed person in the world of virtual reality. “When we synchronized reality and it metaverseI will tend to my new friend”, Wu expressed. “I can teach him (…) so that when he leaves me, I am my father”.

Some Chinese companies ensure they have created thousands of “personas digitalis“, including starting from 30 seconds of audiovisual material of the fallacious. Experts say that it can offer an important relief to people devastated by the loss of a wicked man.

The need to “resuscitate the dead”, a growing demand

Some Chinese companies claim to have created thousands of “digital personas”, including up to 30 seconds of audiovisual material of the fallacious. PHOTO: AFP

Wu and they were devastated when Xuanmo, his only son, suffered a sudden apocalypse last year when he was 22 years old when he was studying at the British University of Exeter. His father remembered him as a young man who “always dreamed of helping others”.

Tras el vogue de las technologies de AI com ChatGPT en China, Wu began to seek ways to resurrect him. He collected photos, videos and audios of his son, and sent thousands of dollars with signatures of TO THE who replicated Xuanmo’s beak and voice.

The results now are rudimentary, but they also assembled a work team to create a data base with great consistency information above on hijo. Wu hopes to feed it to powerful algorithms to create an avatar capable of copying it thought and how to write about your child with great precision.

More companies specializing in “ghost bots” have recently emerged

He hopes to create an avatar capable of copying his son’s thoughts and words with great precision. PHOTO: AFP

Various specialized companies called “ghost bots“The last few years have flourished in the United States. But the industry is in vogue in China, according to Zhang Zewei, founder of the AI ​​company Super Brain and former collaborator of Wu. “China is at the highest level in the world in technology AI“, said Zhang from the city of Jiangyin.

“There are many people in China, many with emotional needs, which has given us a lifetime in terms of market demand.”

Super Brain cobra between 10 mil and 20 mil yuanes (from 400 mil to 800 mil dollars) for one avatar basic, Zhang pointed. The customers from the two have to say goodbye with the strong heart that they want to spend more time with their old friend. Los clientes Even you can call by phone with a button where the face and voice are altered to simulate the deceitful person.

“The meaning for the entire world is enormous,” I say. “Someone’s digital version can always exist.”

Technology will lead to “a new type of humanism”

The customers from the two have to say goodbye with the strong heart that they want to spend more time with their old friend. PHOTO: AFP

Sima Huapeng, founder of Silicon Intelligence in Nanjing, said it technology “it will draw a new type of humanism”. He compared it with portraiture and photography, which helped people record the deaths of revolutionary forms in their time.

Tal Morse, an investigator invited to the Center on Death and Society of the University of Bath, England, told me that bots de fallicidos you can toast food. But he advised that more investigation is required to understand the ethical and psychological implications.

“A tough club is (…) so many ‘loyal’ ones areghost bots‘with the personality they were designed to imitate,’ Morse said. ‘What happens if they do things that ‘contaminate’ the memory of the person they are supposed to represent?’ he told AFP.

Para Zhang, de Super Brain, again technology it is “a double-edged sword”. “Let us help those who need it, no real problem.” “He doesn’t work with people who tend to have a negative impact,” she said when recording the case of a woman who attempted suicide after the death of her daughter.

Grieving father Wu commented that Xuanmo would “probably be displeased” to be digitally revived. “One day, hi, we will all reunite metaverse“, expressed while the girl was lying in front of her baby’s tummy.

“There technology better every day (…) is the time of day”.

With information from AFP

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