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IMPACTING IMAGES: how the floods that paralyzed the inhabitants of California were experienced

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A storm in the sur de Californiaen los United Statesaffecting thousands of people who caused large floods, the torrential downpour affected the area of Santa Barbaraalso the northern area of Los Angelesthe city of Oxnard and the area of ​​Ventura was the most affected by the fact that some parts of certain towns were hit by the rain, this storm can give relief to those who are starting a storm of rains.

S wild rains they caused severe floods in some streets on the roads of these cities, so that the authorities decided to take action and step forward to the population that they will evacuate It is also possible that they can predict more lluvias during the next few days.

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Floods in the Ventura area reached within 9 millimeters of depth. The bombing department in the county received 275 calls in five hours, a shocking increase from the estimated 190 calls per day.

Alert citizens for more rain and floods this end of the week

The National Meteorological System (NWS) warns that floods could have an accumulation of rain of 5 to 10 centimeters during the day, but the biggest concern is that some areas of Southern California will receive this amount of water in just one hour , which will cause overflows of querified and replenished rivers.

Los Angeles could suffer a deluge equivalent to more than a month of rain in just one day. The greatest flood relief will be north of Los Angeles, where there is a level of 3 to 4 moderate risks of excessive rainfall off the central coast of California, including Santa Barbara y Oxnard.

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