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IMAGES OF FIGHT: red man with gas to various children and they take fire

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A terrible one tragedy back to Ukraine, the place where a man will consume gasoline over less than five years niños and he’ll take it fuegothe authorities you realize one investigation exhaustive of the hechos even until the moment the motive of the crime is recognized.

These have happened in the region Jarkovthe images captured by a security camera appear like a man attached to the one who would appear to be food venue where there were various children sitting in front of one refrigerator with foods.

The man took flight from the menores Photo: X @CronicaPolicial

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Sujeto rock of gasolina to 4 kids and they take fire

If you see how once a man arrives in front of a table, a bag of something from his mochila, what will look like a bottle with water is observed and the container comes to the people who are in front of him, some of them go up running, among them a mature woman .

Afterwards he takes fire and everything is on fire, at this moment people come running up who encounter hidden people around the room but have been found on the table, while the criminal is caught in the middle of the fire. The victims were four girls and one boy, all between 11 and 17 years of age who fortunately did not lose their life but suffered severe injuries.

All the present ones salted running from the llamas Photo: X @CronicaPolicial

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