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IMÁGENES FUERTES: sujeto mata a su amigo con un tanque de gas; The security camera discovered it

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The security camera of a shop caught the moment when one of the workers arremetió en contra de otro with a heavy artefact, causing a dead instant of the victim; in this case I’ll tell you to go back there social redesand the policy is being implemented in compliance.

In the video you can see which are two workers of a bodega de tanques de gas the protagonists of the story. The first one gives her the sword to the second one, without knowing that he was worried about his death. The work continued in the normal manner for a few seconds, until the matter was decided execute on plan.

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The crime was caught in the security cameras. Credit: Twitter

El de gorra roja I’ll stick to one of the black-colored gas tanks, tomó vuelo with his arms in everything high y le arrojó all the packages above the head; she wasn’t enough, he took one more and I did I stretched again at the head of the sujeto with enough speed. Luego struck him three times more with the same thing artifact.

It’s not clear what the medicine is so muchbut the standard numbers indicate that it could be one of 10 kilos of gas, which weighs more from 8 to 11.3 kilos, only the side. The question definitively murió at the moment, when they left them services no emergency can be done by anyone.

Local media indicated that these people happened in the Human Asentamiento Covadonga, Huamanga, region of Ayacucho, in Peru. The item held below the stairs on each one, e.g Rafael Vilcatoma Arone, 20 years old; the victim was identified as Abraham Lucano Huarcaya 41 years old.

The suspect was arrested, but the case was complicated by allegations of dementia

There National Police presented the request immediately before the corresponding authorities, but the request was subject to uncertainty dementia. Indeed, in one of his first statements by him I assured him that the same thing was Chuckythe evil muñeco from the famous terror films Hollywood.

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He took different tests that resulted unfinished, and it is for this reason that the criminal proceedings have been postponed against him. He is currently in the hands of the fifth juzgado de investigation preparatory to Ayacucho, as I said new months of prison on his side, but until the next moment taken for the completeness of the case.

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