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IMÁGENES FUERTES | Alberto Ortega is embittered by a bull in the Tlaxcala bullfight

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The bullfighter Alberto Ortega suffered a mess in his butt while practicing bullfighting in the Carnival of Tlaxcala. Starting with the first version, the matador can be pushed to continue with the show when it hits him. The reason why the bullfighter was transferred to a hospital to receive the necessary care.

The bullfight took place in the Plaza Jorge Aguilar, El Ranchero, in the capital municipality of the state. Ortega was the last matador, who received a reel of medium-toned cases (495 kilograms), cigarrero of the Barralva ganadería.

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This is how the Monumental Plaza de Toros Mexico was born

The Monumental Plaza de Toros Mexico will reopen on its doors on Sunday 28th January

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In social networks the video circulates in this way el toro embiste to the bullfighter, who was caught when he received the animal’s food. When weighing the coup apparatus, the company carrying the bullfight informed that There is a good prediction for Alberto Ortega.

Ortega I was lying on the floor with the open rods and the mule is extended over it; he asked the bull to remove its cloak and began to turn, trying to follow the bull’s movement; without embargo, the movement went up badly y el toro lo impact on the buttrolling it around the air approximately one metre.

Next, the bullfighter stands on his feet and, with the help of his staff, incorporates and deja the ruedo. After passing the content table, various men carry it to evacuate it and they sacan it by bleeding their cuello.

From acuerdo with the transcendent, the matador he was taken to the Hospital Puebla. Until the moment, what you know is that the injured person was sometime to a surgery for the expelled wound what happened and now I’m waiting for evolution in recovery.

Alberto Ortega Blancas, father of the bullfighter refirió que if it’s a very serious injuryThat’s why I’m so worried, though you can’t give anything for that; next to him, he said that “he has various lesions”, for this reason doctors are attentive to recovery.

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