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If there is a fire in Calle República de Argentina third in a week Centro Histórico CDMX

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Late this Tuesday, November 21st, the body of Bombers from the city of Mexico informed following a fire report in the Centro Colonia, pertaining to the Cuauhtémoc alcaldía, where it was discovered that the calls originated due to a short circuit in a building on Calle República de Argentina y Apartado.

At 1.54 pm, the capital’s volcanoes were informed that they would encounter them there, carrying out a thorough review to know the origin of the disaster. In a following message fromto avoid the area while the manipulations are carried out.

Follow the text:

There is a fire in the shopping plaza of the Centro Histórico de la CDMX

Fire in the Plaza Oasis: this is the balance of damage in the Tepito bodega

The owner of the Herórico Cuerpo de Bomberos, Juan Manuel Pérez Cova, I informed them in detail that the llamas were powered by a 127-volt acid. The official told me that they would proceed to extinguish the fire and close the cables to mitigate risks, until now there are no reports from real people.

Tenants were evacuated to carry out the inspection of the installations

In the images that circulate in the social spheres he is appreciated as the shopkeepers of the street of Argentina collect their street shops so that the capital bombers can review in detail the problem that had originated in the fire, which was exterminated.

Last November 16th a huge fire was reported in a restaurant in Plaza Oasis in the center of Mexico City. More than 20 affected locations were reported on the site and at the moment the evacuation of approximately 500 people was carried out to avoid a tragedy.

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