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If there is a blockade on East 1 North and it causes large rows of cars, alternative avenues

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Late this Saturday, December 30th, a blockage was registered in North East 1. height of Paseo de la Reforma, why it caused a lot of congestion on the street, leaving the following points as alternative streets: Av. Insurgentes y Eje 3 Norte. The reason for the movement is due to an alleged irregular detention by part of the CDMX authorities.

Items from the area have arrived in the area Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC), those who have activated the necessary protocols to clear the road. The protesters began a dialogue with the authorities to demand the release of at least 3 comrades from their office.

Follow the text:

Barbacoa seller returned to his house and died among the choque in the Chamapa-Lechería, hay 8 heridos

Furthermore, another of the things that the traders have denounced is the behavior of the uniformed people in front of the street shops, and that they try to quit the street, leaving various families with economic losses. “Only we want to work”, mention one of the affected people.

Who passed on the 1st North of the CDMX

Alrededor at 5:00 pm, a line was recorded between elements of security of the capital and a group of traders who met at the harvest at one time in the New Year. The conflict was registered due to the behavior of the uniformed men who violated the shops and allegedly denied them on derecho to sell.

The affected have been warned that they will not withdraw from their property until they are freed from the three implicated persons who were expected to defend their assets. With the pressure of the authority to open the path, the casings are also moved at another key point.

“Blocked the street on East 1 East and Av. Circunvalación, for demonstrators. Alternative vial Calle Platino and Circuito Interior”, read in another publication

Following a dialogue and a clear understanding between authorities and demonstrators, at 7.30 pm, we were informed of good circulation in the area of ​​the Circunvalación de Eje 1 Norte hacia Fray Servando Teresa de Mier.

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