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If the first cases of antrax were detected in Europe, authorities feared a health crisis

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Sanitary authorities Europe they issued an alert when an increase was recorded in the cases antrax, mainly in the country of Romania. In keeping with the official information, since the past month of August three infected people have been reported, but patients have seen an increase, after the World Health Organization warned of an increase in cases in Africa, where the initial report came from at the end of the month of November.

Zambia was the first country to report cases antraxAs of November 20th, authorities revealed that less than 684 infected people have been registered and only four people have been infected by patients. However, active cases are present in at least the 10 provinces that conform to the country.

Infirmity can result in death. Photo: special.

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What is the antrax and how does it infect?

WHO issues alert on trax: which countries have reported deaths

What is the antrax?

Now, the WHO estimates that the initial disease occurred in the province of Sinazongwe, where 287 cases were reported and 50% of the actual deaths recorded were recorded. antrax. Let me mention that the disease does not only affect humans, but also that 13 domestic animals, including 10 cattle and three goats, were affected by this paddock.

Acquired with data from the Centers for the Control and Prevention of Diseases (CDC, by its acronyms in English), the antraxor carbuncle, is a serious infectious disease caused by a gram-positive and baciliform bacteria known as Bacillus anthracis.

This disease can be found naturally on earth and commonly affects pets and rescued animals throughout the world. Persons can contract it antrax they are in contact with infected animals or contaminated products of animal origin.

Cases of antrax are increasing. Photo: special.

What are the symptoms and the treatment?

Currently, el antrax It is treated with antibiotics and antitoxins. Although patients who present a serious case of antrax must be hospitalized, they may require aggressive treatment, such as continuous fluid drainage and aid in breathing through mechanical ventilation. The main symptoms of illness are:

  • Fibers and escalofríos
  • Harassment in the person
  • Difficult to breathe
  • Confusion or tide
  • Tos
  • Nausea, vomiting or stomach pain
  • Head pain
  • Sweat (a lot of sweating)
  • Extreme cansancio
  • Bodily pain


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