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If fire is registered in the commercial plaza of the Centro Histórico alcaldia cuauhtémoc CDMX

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On the night of this November 17th, the bombers from the Mexican city were alerted by a new fire in the Central colony of the City of Mexico, pertaining to the Cuauhtémoc alcaldía. The names originated there a shopping plaza on Calle República de Bolivia, until the volcanoes arrive.

Aside from the fact that in the majority of affected places they sell soft toys, toys and other figures of this material, I am looking for 16 places that have in this building. Please note that the affected person, Plaza del Carmen, if located three squares from Plaza Oasis, where a first sinister event was recorded.

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VIDEO: how paramedics saved the life of a cat injured by a fire in a fire

Fire in the Plaza Oasis: this is the balance of damage in the Tepito bodega

Juan Manuel Pérez Cova, general director of Bomberos of the CDMX, detailed that small locals are found on the site, which are dedicated to the sale of electrical material and temporary products. El jefe volcano assured that the elements ya they enter the site, muffling their calls.

It is sold in the Plaza del Carmen, in a new fire

One of the first reports that the Capital Bombers received was the presence of a columna de humo in the calle República de Bolivia. One of the aspects that benefited from the context is that the elements of Civil Protection and Bombers encountered each other in the area.

In conversation with N+, a related trader who sells household products, soft toys and Christmas products in the relevant plaza. She got involved in the accident because a friend who also works in the area alerted her that she “was wondering where she was working from”.

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