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Identify the victim of the severe car accident in Atizapán, Edomex

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The morning of this Monday December 25th, in full Navidadif God knows the death of a driver approximately 25 years old after impacting his vehicle against a tree located and flying over the camellón of the road Lago de Guadalupe, municipality of Atizapán from Zaragoza, State of Mexico.

It was today Tuesday when God knew the identity of the man who lost his life in the tragedy accident: if it’s Jesus “N”, I know it as a popular one tattoo artist of the area and who has called it “Splot” in the social circles. So I got to know the journalist Carlos Jiménez in his story of victim They lamented the deceased and sent letters of condolence to their family.

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IMAGES OF FIGHTS: driver destroys car and dies in open air

Two people come to the streets of the CDMX Metro one day after Christmas

Where was “Splot”, the tattoo artist who failed in the car accident in Atizapán?

The driver led to excess speed. PHOTO: Special

It is located on your Facebook account, as well as your Instagram account where it comes from victim He was identified as the tattoo artist “Splot”, who would like to know his personal details to get to know you more trabajowhich was followed by more than 5 million followers who counted on Instagram.

Además de realizar tattoosJesus “N” also dedicated himself to making paintings, graffiti, murals and metal sculptures, also highlighting his collaborations with different people artists urban areas with people carrying out community projects.

Jesus “N” will be veiled in his father’s house

Image shared in social circles by followers of the young tattoo artist. PHOTO: Facebook

I remember with the publications that my followers made on Facebook, Jesus “N” This Tuesday will be veiled in the house of his fathers, located in the municipality of Atizapán.

“We’ll be here at 12:00pm rumbling at the ciprese panteón, on the whole it will be at 1:30am”, read in a publication of this red social network. Jesus “N” I hit my car against a tree in the circle at excessive speed on Lake Guadalupe, look for the Tec de Monterrey.

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