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I welcomed 12 people in a park, all of them were young

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In an arranque de furia, a perro attacked 12 people who visited a park in the quiet location Isesakiin the Gunma Prefecture, one thousand kilometers from the Japanese capital.

They watched during the late February 7th, when the dog was identified as a racial example shikoku From two years ago, I started to attack some of the passengers.

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New 12 people were here primary school children who met while playing in the park, while some of the remaining three were larger adults who came, landed, to the attack.

Minutes later go to the site emergency bodiesthose who were familiar with the perro and attended to the heridos’ dinner, because of the things they learned who would be transferred to sought-after hospitals.

The attack occurred in a shared park. Photo: Agencia Komodo

They arrest a dueño del perro due to negligence

Although at first it was believed that the dog would not hold a dueño, due to the fact that it did not pose a collar at the time of the attack, soon after it was discovered that the love was found in it parkbecause the boy was not a callejero.

Subsequently, the case, 62 years old, was accused by local authorities for negligenceso that he could brake criminal cargoes due to the heartfelt wounds for 12 people.

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