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“I love you today and always”: messages from the wife of Juan Pablo Adame, deputy senator who suffered from cancer

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The failure of Juan Pablo Adame, deputy senator for the Partido Acción Nacional (PAN), has generated great excitement within and outside the political class. Since embargo, this month is December 6th, on display Elisa Almazán I sent her a convoy message that shows what it meant in her life and in her children’s life.

Through the digital Similarity, she manifested that she will always be pleased with him and that she will always leave his presence.

“But in every one of our children I’ll be more like you. I love you, love you, always and always”, wrote Elisa.

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Juan Pablo Adame, deputy senator who suffered from cancer, dies

Who was Juan Pablo Adame? The senator who fulfilled his dream and had the greatest effect in the Senate

Why did Senator Juan Pablo Adame fail?

Juan Pablo Adame’s wife expressed that she will always leave him. Credits:X/@ELI_ALMAZAN.

The madrugada of Tuesday 5 December the ex-gobernador of Morelos, Marco Antonio Adameconfirmed that his son Juan Pablo Adame, lost his life after the father cancer. It was through his social circles that the former deputy communicated the regrettable news and thanks to God for his life.

“With profound pain and hope in eternal life, united with my family, I expose my children to the children in my life Juan Pablo Adam descans in peace. Let us thank God for our life”, I say Marco Antonio Adame in X.

“A vase of cold water”: the paper that Juan Pablo Adame wrote before he died

Before his death, Juan Pablo Adame sent a letter. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

It is important to decide that before Juan Pablo Adame will lose his life because of the cancer, the deputy senator delivered an emotional card about what the illness represented in his life. In the letter, the employee expressed everything that the building taught her, especially how to use it every moment.

Similarity, shared that due to the advance of his illness, had to enter a stage of palliative care that was to return from home. In this sense, he made sure that he had the certainty that his companions would follow him, but now from his prayers.

“Today I only take on this new situation in my life with the security that heaven expects me, but no one knows what expectations of life have been given to me by the doctors who hold the last word, God will know the day and the hour; while so much, to live”, wrote Juan Pablo Adame.

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