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I flew 70 people for a full flight: the truth was hidden by the KGB for years

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The pilot of vuelo 6502 of the airline Aeroflot de Russia provoked one tragedy national place to star and matar up to 70 people travel on board the aircraft. The causes of the fatal accident were not explained to you KGB las mantuvo en secret wait for it truth he was exposed across the street photographs who documented the accident.

In October 1986, the captain Alexander Klyuev he left as a pilot of the Russian city’s airship Yekaterimburg rumble a Grozny. The pilot of the aircraft took his responsibility for 87 steps and you are proud of the trip aboard the Tu-134-A aircraft; without embargo, one apex would lift the death in every case the tripulation.

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Flight 6502 from Aeroflot ended sadly. Photo: AK Karpov

Who posted the pilot who sent 70 people?

El coronel AK Karpovwho was the head of the Bomber Department, it was decided to smuggle the photographs that told the story of the aviation accident in which 70 people died with the aim of making known the true cause of the tragedy that the KGB had kept hidden for years, following information from the medium local Avgeekery.

When flight 6502 of the Aeroflot airline was about to land in the city of Grozny, the pilot of the Tu-134-A aircraft made an impulsive decision to apostatize with his official primer to the person who had total certainty that he could be completely terrified blindly, and you only have to rely on the autopilot guide.

To get to the top with success, Captain Alexander Klyuyev ordered the curtains of the cabin’s windshields to be closed, so that no one could move forward at all, with only 300 feet of altitude left between the plane and the ground. .

63 people died at the airline site in Russia. Photo: AK Karpov

Without taking into account the advice given from the Air Traffic Control, the Aeroflot pilot left the case omitted to venture to be terrified with the help of the autopilot. Upon descending abruptly, the airship ended shortly get excited the guy who wants it volcado before starting to catch fire.

After the fatal accident, 63 people were killed in the place, while you were most taken to a hospital, but your mortal wounds ended in losing your life. The captain Klyuyev He was one of the survivors, but was arrested and a year later sentenced to 15 years in prison, but only for flagrantly breaking the rules of the road.

Without embargo, the pilot was put there libertad only six months after being in prison. Among the fallacious people in the 6502 flight that was it co-pilot Even though he tried to help his fellow passengers, he suffered heart failure when he was taken to the hospital.

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