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How to Use the Power of Gratitude? | Power of Gratitude

How to Use the Power of Gratitude? | Power of Gratitude

In today’s time, there is a lot of dissatisfaction inside the people, they always demand more and more and that is why they start ignoring those things which they have.

Basically in this blog we are going to know how to use the power of gratitude which will lead you towards success. Gratitude in simple language means to always appreciate those things which we already have and always give thanks to God.

The Law of Attraction says that whatever we focus on, it starts growing.

If you focus on your shortcomings, they will start growing and you will get upset. But if you pay attention to your good things, they will also start growing and make you feel happy.

Similarly, if you focus on what you don’t have and get upset, it is quite possible that what you have will soon be gone.

And Even if you pay attention to what you have and thank the Universe for it, it is quite possible that what you do not have will also come soon.

Let us first know what is the meaning of gratitude? (Gratitude Meaning in Hindi)

What is Gratitude?

1- GratitudeGratitude) is a mental exercise or meditation by which we give thanks or thanks to the Universe for the things that we have.

2- Through this we think about the smallest and biggest things that we have and that bring a feeling of happiness in our life or make our life easier.

3- Thinking positively about these things, we are grateful to the power that has given us all these things. This technique of giving thanks is called the Law of Gratitude.

Why give gratitude (thank you) to the Universe? An example

Let us understand more about Power of Gratitude. The biggest reason most people fail and get upset is that they think the most about their shortcomings or what they do not have.

Just look at Rahul, he has a nice house, a nice family, a car, a good job too.

And yes he is completely healthy in body and he is also recognized as an honest and good person in the society.

But one drawback of his life is that he is unable to go abroad with his family because of his job.

Rahul always thinks that what is the use of such a life in which there is no time to see the world with family.

What was the result? As we all know that whatever we focus on, that thing starts growing. Same happened with Rahul.

Everything was fine with him but he focused on what he didn’t have. Slowly his mind started not working, he started getting angry in the family too.

His house felt like a prison to him. One day while thinking about his absence, he was going somewhere in the car that suddenly he got distracted and got into an accident. Now he had lost a leg.

Thinking about what he didn’t have, he made it so big that he lost even the things he had. That’s why it is rightly said that you become what you think.

If Rahul focused on the things he had and thanked the Universe for those things everyday, those things and their joy would fill him with so much energy that he would find some way or the other to get that thing. Surely he would have taken out what he did not have.

This was because-

1- The things or thoughts about which we think (focus) more, those things start growing. This is the reason why we all should adopt Power of Gratitude in our life.

2- You should express gratitude to the Universe for everything that you have. In return, you will get all the things that you do not have now and which you want.

3- If you want to be successful, focus on what are the things you have that can help you succeed. Give thanks to the Universe everyday for those things (Feel Gratitude Everyday).

What are the things for which gratitude can be expressed?

Now many people will say that we do not have anything for which we can thank the Universe.

If so, then let me tell you the truth that every person in the world has very little “his faults” and “he’s got” too many.

We focus on the shortcomings, so we do not know exactly what we have got.

Let me tell you some things for which you can thank the Universe and increase it-

1- Thank the Universe that you were able to wake up alive this morning because millions of people in the world slept last night but could not wake up this morning.

2- did you have dinner today? Must have eaten. Thank you that you were able to eat today. Because crores of people in the world would not have got food today.

3- Thank the Universe that you are healthy. All the parts of your body are correct and functioning well. Because there are crores of people in the world who have some major disease or do not have any part of the body due to which they are in a very helpless condition.

4- Thanks to the Universe (I am Grateful) that you have a mobile, there is internet, with the help of which you can keep information about the world. Millions of people in the world do not have mobile and internet.

5- Whatever you use from waking up in the morning to going to bed. thank you for all those things (I am grateful) Do it because 75% of those things are not with 50% of the people of this world.

6- Thank you that you can think and success begins with thinking.

7- Thank you that you are reading this article. Because many things together have brought this article to you and there will be crores of people who do not even know how to read.

8- Feel Gratitude Daily for every little thing that you have got – the air, the trees, the sky, the colorful world, clothes, family, friends, mind, even your toothbrush that cleans your teeth. does etc.

I will not write much because if I keep writing, I will write about so many things giving thanks that a book will be made.

Think for yourself that there will be millions of such things given by nature and given by other people that you have and can make you positive.

If you focus on them and give thanks to the Universe for those things everyday, then such things will start growing more and will also bring the good things to you which you desire to achieve.

How does the power of gratitude work?

1- You now know that the things we focus on tend to grow. That is, that thing or other things like that start coming in our life.

2- Whenever you are grateful to the Universe for the things that you have, you are focusing on those things. So those things or other things like that start coming into your life.

3- Here you are doing two things – first, you are focusing (focusing) on ​​the things that you have and secondly you are giving thanks (gratitude) to the universe for those things.

4- Focusing makes things happen, but showing gratitude makes things go faster. This is because while thanking the Universe you are placing faith in the Universe whose positive waves make your focus spiritual.

5- The result of doing Gratitude is that what you do not have, you get distracted and you start enjoying what you have. This gives you confidence and you start taking positive action to achieve those things which you do not have and finally you get them with happiness.

How to develop the attitude of being grateful?

Gratitude should be included in your attitude. your point of view (attitude of gratitude) To the Universe should always be full of thanks.

But if you want to start Gratitude then the best time is right after waking up in the morning and just before going to sleep at night.

This is the time when your conscious mind is working less and your subconscious mind is working more.

Through gratitude at these times, you can confidently infuse positive thoughts of what you have in your subconscious mind. The rest of the work is done by your subconscious mind itself.

What are the things to keep in mind while using Power of Gratitude?

To use the power of Gratitude, you should keep all these things in mind-

1- Always focus on good and positive things and thank the universe for that.

2- While doing Gratitude you should be full of faith for the Universe. Not only the words but also the feeling.

3- Focus on what the Universe has given you, thank you for it, but also take the right action, using your energy for what you don’t have.

4- Keep in mind that when you are in a state of Power of Gratitude, you are giving a positive message to your Universe that you are completely positive and satisfied with what you have.

Now following this message the Universe will give you whatever you want and you don’t have right now.

In this whole process you do not have to doubt that how will the Universe accomplish this task?

You leave this work to the Universe, you just have faith and give thanks.

5- Most important thing: – Here we have given the name “Universe” to that Super Natural Power which runs this whole world and universe.

Here instead of the word “Universe”, you can also call that supreme power by the name of the supreme power you believe in and have faith in.



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