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How To Use The Law Of Attraction?

The Law Of Attraction

The Law of attraction is a precious gift that nature gives to humans. If we look at the world around us, we realize that nature has set many rules for us.

You must have heard and read about the Law of Gravity. By this law, the earth attracts everything.

If we fall something from above, the ground will pull on it and that thing will fall. This law is so true that it is also called Universal Law.

Likewise, the Law of Problem was given to us by nature. Successful and unsuccessful people follow this rule.

It does not matter whether a person knows this law or not, whether he believes it or not.

All the successful people who have been in this world, all of them have achieved success in their life only by adopting this rule in the right way.

If you want to be successful in life then you should also know this rule. Friends, today I will tell you about the Law of Attraction Secret.

Today you will be able to know what is the law of attraction? (Law of Attraction Meaning), How does the Law of Attraction work? (How to Law of Attraction Work) 

The law of attraction is related to our thoughts. This law states that like things attract like things to themselves.

Our thoughts also attract similar thoughts to ourselves. When you think of a thought, you attract other thoughts of the same kind.

According to this law, when you think about something, that thing and other such things automatically come into your life.

We can better understand this. If one thinks that there is a good idea, the result is, with the good idea, that another good idea comes to mind.

On the other hand, if a person thinks bad thoughts, the result of that bad thinking is that other similar bad thoughts come into his mind.

By using this principle, we can do the best things in our lives, whether it is a lot of money, good health or good relationships, we can attract everyone and have a successful life.

According to this Law of Attraction, when we think of something full of focus, that thing comes into our lives.

How does the law of attraction work?

According to science, everything in the universe is made up of energy. Whatever be the human beings, animals, earth, sky, earth and other planets, all are made of energy.

Because the density of energy is different in everything, everything appears to us in different types.

In fact, all the things in the Universe are interconnected and they are different forms of the same energy.

We are also an energy and whatever we want to achieve is also energy.

Different forms of energy (human beings, animals, objects etc.) have their own frequencies.

Also, let me tell you that our thoughts are also a form of energy. Science says that energy can neither be destroyed nor it can be created.

It can only be changed from one form to another. (This only is the law of conservation of energy.)

Thought is a form of energy. This idea can be converted into anything because an object is also a form of energy. In this way we can turn thought into object.

When we think about something and think about it with full faith, then the frequency of that thought goes into the universe.

After some time the frequency of thought of that object manifests in our life by taking that object and other things of similar frequency and we become the owner of that object.

The life you have got today, whatever you have today is the result of your thoughts in the past.

We get what we think about by being focused. If you are of negative mindset and think about those things which you do not want in your life then the same negative things manifest in your life.

On the contrary, if you are of a positive mindset and think about the things that you want in your life, then the same positive things manifest in your life.

It is clear that we get what we think. Let us understand this further with an example-

Just as your mobile is connected to all the mobiles in the world, similarly the energy of everything in this universe is connected to each other.

When you want to talk to someone on your mobile, then you match his number and you talk to him whose number you match.

Similarly, the frequency of the idea you send into the Universe, you get the object of the same frequency.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Success?

As I told you that thought is an energy and every thought has its own frequency.

Now all we have to do to be successful is to set the frequency of our thoughts in such a way that it matches the frequency of the object we want. The rest of the work will be done by the Universe itself.

Let me now tell you how to use the Law of Attraction? And how you have to match the frequency of your thoughts with the frequency of your favorite object-

1- I have told you this that the entire Universe and everything inside it is made up of energy and each object and thought has its own frequency.

All we have to do is to match the frequency of our thought with the frequency of the object of our choice. It is like listening to our favorite program by tuning the radio to a particular frequency.

2- First of all, you should have a strong desire to get what you want to achieve (be it good health or a lot of money or a good relationship with someone etc.).

The more you increase this desire, the better this Law of Attraction will work for you.

3- After this you have to tell the Universe about your wish. You have to ask for your favorite thing from the Universe or you have to order it to bring you your favorite thing.

Your order should be of clear and positive words.

4- Immediately after placing the order, write it down on a piece of paper. You should write in Present Tense.

For example, “I am very happy today because today I have bought my favorite house.”

Keep this paper in a place where you can see it several times a day.

5- After this you have to convince yourself that you have the thing you like. For this you have to associate your belief or belief with the idea of ​​something you like.

Faith is the feeling that you have to associate with the idea of ​​your favorite thing, due to which your frequency will match the frequency of that object as quickly as possible and orders will be obeyed as quickly as possible.

6- The most important thing is how you feel while giving your thoughts or orders to the Universe.

You have to convince yourself time and again that you have that thing. And the Universe has to be thanked for that.

The stronger your faith or feeling, the sooner the Universe will complete your work.

7- After doing this, your work ends and the work of the Universe begins.

Depending on the quality of your faith or belief, the universe will take time to give that thing to you and you will get that thing later.

Some important things about using the law of attraction

1- This Law of Attraction works properly only when you also take action to get the thing you want. By taking action or doing action, your faith (top limit of belief) increases.

2- Time and distance and the quantity of the thing sought do not matter to the Universe. When you will get something after asking for it, how much you will get depends on the quality of your frequency (faith).

3- Ask for something as big or in such quantity as you can believe you are worth getting.

4- The Universe cannot differentiate between good or bad. It just means frequency. You will get the same thing as the frequency of the feeling you send.

5- The law of attraction is a gift of nature only when you use it for good deeds. If you order it by setting negative frequency for wrong actions then it can also become a curse for you and society.

6- Whenever you ask or order anything from the Universe, it should be of clear and positive words because the Universe captures the feeling arising from the words and acts accordingly.

for example, If A writes “I want to be rich.” And B writes that “I don’t want to be poor.” Although both mean to be rich but the Universe will catch the word “rich” of A and the word “poor” of B and give the result according to their words.

7- You should not doubt the Universe while adopting this law. If you ordered something to the Universe, you don’t have to think about how the Universe will accomplish it.

How the Universe carries out its work is his job. Your task is to wait with full confidence after placing the order.



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