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How to use AI person traffickers to reach undocumented family members

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A New York legal advisory firm alerted you migrant community of the things that traffickers of people are coming with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). William Murillo, executive president of the legal advice group 1800migrante.com, declared that an Ecuadorian family was extorsioned for more than 12 million dollars that were sent to Mexico with the aim of locating a member of his family family who disappeared between Ciudad Juárez and El Paso, Texas, on his way to us United States.

“If you go to citizenship, avoid being estafados with these videos that seem real, but are manipulated with the intention of engaging family members and creating false hopes with the only end of estafarlos“, advised Murillo, who also made sure that the family contacted the organization – which arose in Ecuador in 2008 and was also based in New York – when the woman passed away, among the 1800 migrants they issued an alert bulletin, with photographs and data with the hope of obtaining information that can be used to locate it.

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What is the modus operandi of extortionists?

The family of an Ecuadorian migrant described how they were victims of extortion. PHOTO: AFP

Shortly thereafter, the “coyote” sent the family a video showing the woman “literally agonizing” in the dirt with him mensaje “she is not with us, now she is in the sky”. The messages sent to you traffickers the family disappears automatically after a period of time.

At no time we met the body of the woman, her family members Ecuador they did not give it away and shared information in social networks with the aim of locating it, “and now they hit the beach”, because they traffickers they used one of the photos “to do what they wanted”, according to Murillo.

Migrants are a vulnerable sector prone to being extorted. PHOTO: AFP

The manager explained that other family members in New Jersey would receive it mensajes that the “agonizing” had been “rescued”, that she was on the road to Europe, and wondering who would pay the costs of her journey. Los mensajes dieron esperanza a la family“I was worried that she was alive, but I didn’t ask for photos because they could be altered with the help of technology,” she said.

Traffickers associate with extortionists

Extortionists use AI to defraud migrant families. PHOTO: AFP

De acuerdo con Murillo, los traffickersSince they sent her the message that she was dying like the following, they must be partners in the extortion, and for this reason they will have access to the family number in the EU.

“They used a photo, they overlay the image of her, in which her eyes move and it seems that she is talking. Then they come up with a video in which there is an image of a woman who is different”, indicated Murillo, who thinks that the woman who came to the edited video is the accomplice of the actors.

According to the images, family members sent 12 million dollars to Mexico. When he arrived on the day of delivery of the Ecuadorian to his family, he traffickers they didn’t even present themselves at the agreed point. The 12 million dollars paid for travel from Ecuador are equivalent to 18 million dollars.

Every day thousands of migrants try to cross the EU border from Mexico. PHOTO: AFP

“Los coyotes utilizaron mensajeria encrypted, the videos sent could not be watched because (the program they used) did not allow it, and once viewed, they would disappear”, he indicated. The person in charge also explained that the group has kept access to copies of the videos because of them familiars pudieron grabarlos with other cell.

Murillo also reported that the family members have not filed a complaint because they are undocumented, and “I don’t want to involve myself with the authorities”, he stated. “This is the first case that we can identify (with the use of the AI), but it will be the first of many”, he concluded.

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