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How to report the item on your vehicle to Edomex?

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If you are a victim of crime and you suffer from the stuff of your car in it State of MexicoWhat you need to do is to stay calm and act promptly, it can be very embarrassing for you but it contributes to reporting this crime. The Mexican entity as of July 2023 will have received more than 13 million items, which will be located at the first place at the national level.

Before this unfortunate situation, the first step that must be realized is a criminal pre-report, what you can do via the internet, in the following link: https://sigi.fiscaliaedomex.gob.mx/denuncia-digital/, As quickly as you report the vehicles, the authorities will be able to locate your vehicle more quickly and not leave it in the hands of the police.

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Steps to follow to report a robo on your vehicle: PHOTO:

You can also do this via the FGJ EDOMEX app or by calling the following telephone numbers, 800 70 28 770, and if you want to do it personally, you can do it at any agency or Unidad Movil del Ministerio Público.

Report by robo

What you shouldn’t forget is that in order to get the car report on your car, you need to have the following documentation on hand:

  • Factura de la unidad
  • Current license,
  • Circulation rate
  • Proof that you are the owner
  • Plate number, police, engine, series, brand and model.
The Mexican State has the first place for the crime of car robberies: PHOTO: CUARTOSCURO


Once you have all these papers you will tend to read the Vehicle Robo format which once with the information will be sent to the Vehicle Information Management Unit, so that you can receive the high level of the vehicle robo report, so that you can record them all the channels are totally free.

By July 2023, 13 million cars have been stolen in the Mexican state. PHOTO CUARTOSCURO

What should I do to find my stuffed car?

If your vehicle has been stolen but at this time it is difficult to locate it, what you must do is to notify the authorities, in order to find out the precedent in case the unit has been used for the commission of a crime, of which you as a dueño you are not a participant.

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