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How to keep a garden with mariposas: these are the tips you should follow to attract them

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It’s not a lie when tenths of one of them mayores pleasureres de la gardenería It is the presence of mariposas resting in your shrubs or plants. While you are walking in all the spaces and near the sun, you can return to the camera and portray impressive natural images. This is also a great incentive for children to take care of the environment and engage in activities related to nature.

Acquired with information from the Federal Prosecutor’s Office for Protection of the Environment (Profepa), In the world there are more than 20 thousand species of marine animals, which is why it is enough that at least a hundred years of these extraordinary animals exist.

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The odds can be the same, whether you live with a large patio or a small balcony. The only thing you have to do is create an atmosphere of understanding with these wonderful evenings, offering them a little food, water and a space where they can enjoy themselves.

How to keep marijuana in your garden

The key to enourising the sea is keeping flowers in your space or garden. This is why the seafarers they devour and can grow their offspring. The majority of flowers will need full sun, it is said, six or more hours of direct light. Among the favorite flowers of mariposas include petunias, heliotrope, lantana, verbena, zinnias and sunflowers. Also enjoy the flowering shrubs such as the abelia, the mariposas shrub, the caryopteris, the diervilla and the rose of Sharon.

In general, the animals remain in the sun to regulate their body temperature, so it is preferable to place stones in your entire space, so that they can escape and remove the rays of the sun. On the other hand, The trees and shrubs serve as a nest for these marvelous animals, which is why we take them into consideration.

Lastly, avoid insecticides that can kill any type of animal, not just plagues. With respect to the huésped plants, the ones needed to grow the plants, the preferred plants the perejil, the eneldo, the hinojo, the borraja and the algodoncillo.

What are the favorite colors of the seafarers

The favorite color of the macetas is blue, but if your goal is to have various macetas attached to your home, you should place the macetas with flowers rojas, naranjas, amarillas and pinks colours. As they feed on the tree, plant your flowers in the sun to regulate their temperature.

It is a falsehood that you must necessarily buy a bag, in reality you enjoy freedom and want to avoid it between the stones or shrubs. They also need water, but don’t have enough water to drink, so opt to use the coals to acquire the minerals from the earth. You want to help them by placing shallow platillos with water and humid sand, between shrubs and plants, on a ras of soil.

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