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How to help abandoned pilgrims from the Basilica Guadalupe CDMX

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The 12th of December, Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, is a very important day for Mexicans. From there, follow the shapeless dice to know for the governance of the City of Mexico (CDMX), by this time 2023 the arrival of 11 million people is expected Basilica. But, you know what they also have peregrinos perritos who are frequently forgotten?

And that’s after they dance to conclude the celebrations in honor of her Virgen de Guadalupe, it is common that a large number of myths are lost or abandoned. Just to provide an example, to understand with the boiler report Gustavo A. Madero (GAM), in the year 2019, 29 people left the house.

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How to help the lost pilgrims?

Before the abandonment of perritos the work of civil organizations was fundamental. Credits: Facebook/Mundo Patitas.

Before the panorama of the abandonment of perritos in the middle of the celebrations for the 12th of December, the work carried out by organizations such as Mundo Patitas was fundamental. It is clear, a foundation that has taken over redeem y trasladar to a refuge to the “lomitos” who have been dejados for their queridos. How can you help the cause?

  • Look for organizations as this at the end of the review is known to some of the lomites
  • Donate with specific products
  • If you are the victim of abandonment or abuse, report it to the competent authorities
  • If you have the opportunity, adopt a strange experience

Why not take the guests to the celebrations on December 12th?

Same as the low temperatures that are being recorded at distinct points on the City of MexicoBringing your mascots to celebrations as big as those that take place on December 12th can have great consequences for your well-being and safety.

De acuerdo con el Citizen’s Council for Security and Justice of the City of Mexicobring your companion animals to celebrations such as the Day of the Virgen de Guadalupe You may suffer dehydration, stress, exhaustion or even the risk of being overwhelmed and lost.

Bringing your mascots to the Basilica will compromise your security. Credits: X/

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