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How to do your personal branding on LinkedIn?

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In today’s digital era, doing your personal branding is very important for career advancement. With the help of a good personal branding, you can get a competitive job or attract good companies in the job market. For personal branding, you can use the world’s most professional social media platform, LinkedIn, because in today’s digital age, LinkedIn is a great job option. Let us know what is the meaning of personal branding.

What is personal branding?

Personal branding means advertising yourself or getting your name out there. You can do personal branding through any social media. Often people make more contacts for personal branding and make their work reach more people through videos, photos or content on social media. Let us know how you too can do your personal branding with the help of Linkedin.

1. Fill in the complete details of the LinkedIn profile: To create your personal brand, you must fill in the complete details of the LinkedIn profile. Your profile headline should reflect your work and your profile photo should be professional. Along with this, in ‘about’, you should briefly tell about the work you have done and about yourself. You can also show your experience, achievements and special projects done in the profile.

2. Increase Engagement: Often people do not open LinkedIn for months after creating a LinkedIn profile, which makes your profile look inactive. To build personal branding, take your name to others i.e. increase engagement. Like and comment on others’ posts, join groups related to your work, message people about your work, and most importantly, grow connections. 

3. Post on Linking: Tell people about your work with the help of photo, video or content. You do not need to post every day, you post 3 in a month, which will increase the impression of your post. Use different features of LinkedIn, that is, you can upload articles and also repost others’ posts. With this, people will be able to understand your interest in a better way. 

4. Make connections with the recruiters of the company: Linkedin is a great source of job search, so search the company according to your interest and make connections with the recruiters of that company so that they can see your work or you can see them through their eyes.

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