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How much will the Christmas dinner cost this 2023? This is what you need to be afraid of from your aguinaldo

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Every year inflation occurs and affects the products of the market, an inevitable phenomenon in the current economy, but one that can be fought with distinct policies that implement it Banco de Mexico. For this December, there will be no exception and the prices of food will rise again to other levels, which, weighs on the estimates of the Government Council of Banxico which indicate figures at the bottom, the predictions persist to place at the reference price at 11.25 for hundreds.

Before the price ladder, the Condusef I recommend that Mexican families follow a series of tips to maintain financial stability and take care of the content of their bills, so it is important to know the panorama of supermarkets to know which are the best options, this is to ensure the quality of I’m so anxious for a Christmas dinner.

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What do you recommend the Condusef for the December gastos?

The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services has put emphasis on ensuring financial health and taking precautions against the risks of DecemberWhere you usually buy Christmas gifts, decorations for your home, clothes, and other things.

First, it is recommended to create a prerequisite to establish what the gas capacity will be and what quantities are available, this will not cause harm to you finances. You should then check the distinct options you have for your elders to know what the building is with the best prices and make the best decision.

Condusef issued a series of recommendations on financial education for this December
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Another factor that you need to consider is the time you dedicate to doing this buy, since in this period the lines for the boxes usually become saturated, and keeping in touch with your essential products in the days before can save you from the pain of leaving the family home late and with empty hands. Furthermore, it is common that prices increase according to the dates of celebrations.

Lastly, the Conductor makes a call to be aware and not to exceed with the derroches, as even with the charge of the aguinaldo, which limit must be paid before December 20th, there are always eventualities that represent extra gas.

How much will Christmas dinner cost this 2023?

The Christmas dinner is an essential event during family dinners in December, so keeping in mind the amount of money that will be required approximately to satisfy each of the guests will be an important step at the time of its organization. These are the most requested products and their prices during the week of the 25th of Decemberagreed with Condusef.

Pavo is a traditional food for summer dinners
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  • Lomo de cerdo: $114 pesos per kilo.
  • Pavo: $108 pesos per kilo.
  • Noruego desmigado bacalao: $198 medium pesos kilo.
  • Whole chicken: $178 pesos per kilo.
  • Camarones: $290 average kilo
  • Romeritos: $40 pesos per kilo
  • Red mole: $250 pesos per kilo
  • Pope: $49 pesos per kilo
  • Zanahoria: $35 pesos per kilo
  • Price: $59 pesos per kilo
  • Naranja: $30 pesos per kilo
  • Alcoholic drink: $195 cost approximately per bottle

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