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How much is the fine for not paying peas on federal roads during the next holidays?

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S holidays Decembers are ready to travel and hundreds of families will begin to pack up their equipment to travel on the road and join their destiny to spend the days of Navidad or New yearHowever, as per the consumer magazine, it is suggested to consider other factors as the price of the case.

In its 532nd edition of December 2023, the Consumer Review recommends that drivers be punctual in their homes in case of transiting on a federal road, and in case of being deducted without actually being charged they can be subject to a fine of thousands of pesos which will entorperà the diversion of the holidays.

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It is important to fill with the payment of cases. Cuartoscuro

How much is the fine for not paying money?

En la Consumer magazine There is a special space to make sure all the drivers passing through are punctual autopistas or federal roads concessionaires must pay the fine, anyone who does not comply with this solicitation will be subject to a fine ranging from 50 to 60 days of the daily allowance.

They also described that this 2023 value of the Unity of Medicine and Actualization (UMA) is 103.74 pesos, so that the fine it could range from 5 million 187.00 to 6 million 224.40 and you will have to pay the house fine. Therefore, follow the instructions and avoid risks and be fined by the authorities.

Those who fail to comply with the law will be fined. Freepick

Why do I have to pay for peaje in Mexico?

If you know what it is Mexico the cobro of peajes It is used by the corresponding authorities to finance the payment of infrastructure or the construction of new roads such as carts and bridges that allow the movement of them automovilistas and operators who load or leave in good conditions.

El I pay the price it can be done directly in the houses installed in various places autopistas in Mexico, also in the last few years they have been implemented with success and through electronic means that do it automatically and without having to take effect, these can be; stickers, portable tags, outdoor tags.

Those who travel on federal roads will have to pay more. Freepick

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