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How is it inside the Mayan Train? These are the comforts you may encounter on your travels

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El Tren Maya he entered the operation, and for the first time he was shown how they are vagones inside, for all the people who want to buy a ticket for the next routes that will end up as destiny the station Cancun Airport from the station San Francisco de Campeche

Inside the Tren Maya you have three different carriages, the first one being Xiinbal, it is a standard service that does not count with great comforts. They are asientos with panoramic windows so you can appreciate the landscape. Also note with superior equipment to keep your equipment.

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Coffee with bread and more cochinita, this is the menu you can order on the Mayan train during your trip

El Tren Maya has entered into operation. Credit: Presidencia

How is it inside the Mayan Train? These are the characteristics of the first inaugurated wagon

These were the carriages that we could attend during the start of operations of the Tren Maya. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, rose at 10 am on December 15, 2023 to Cancunand I’m sure it’s a real dream.

It may be true that they are guests who bring a lot of space to people inside, they have a nice song so that you can place your computer, for example, your table or notebooks, your books and your food. Arrive, as promised on the internet page, with plenty of space to place the items.

Inside the Tren Maya there are three different vagones. Credit: Cuartoscuro

At the moment, the Mayan Train only runs 14 stations. From San Francisco de Campeche to Cancún Airport. All the stations are: TenaboHecelchakan, CalkiníMaxcanú, Umán, Teya MéridaTixkokob, IzamalChichen Itza, Valladolid, New Xcány Leona Vicario.

The inaugurated carriage is the simplest carriage. Credit: Presidencia

The first section of the stations that need to open, begins in the city of Palenque, passes by Boca del CerroTenosique, El Triunfo, CandelariaEscárcega, Carrillo PuertoEdzná, and connect with the line that is in operation starting from the 15th of December 2023.

Lastly, other stations will appear after passing through the Cancún airport and they are Puerto MorelosPlaya del Carmen, TulumTulum Airport, Felipe Carrillo PuertoLimones Chacchoben, Bacalar, Chetumal AirportNicolás B Konhulich, XpujilCalakmul and finally Centenario that you will connect with Escárcega.

At the moment, the Mayan Train only runs 14 stations. Credit: Presidencia

So will be the carriages that are ready to be inaugurated on the Mayan Train

On the other hand, we have the carriages Janalwhere you can not only enjoy one tourist experience, also it will have it with gastronomy. These carriages will be designed to accommodate dishes with a large menu with traditional dishes from the Mayan region, and inspired by the Mexican architecture of Luis Barragán.

Finally, they are long distance trainsalso known as P’atal, where you can find services that will make your journey more comfortable; for example, reclining seats, and even camaros where you have literature so that you can sleep together with your companion or companions.

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