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How do you register your cell phone before the government so that you don’t have bank counters and call centers?

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Please know that there is a way to prevent you from calling the counters or anyone else financial institution? And yes, it suddenly becomes annoying to receive this type of call when you are working or at a family gathering. However, starting from now you want to avoid this type of telephone calls that you can do by calling them loud Public Register of Users (REUS). We tell you how to do it.

But first, it is important to start from that REUS It’s a totally portal free part of the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF) in that you can give high value to your data with the aim of not receiving more publicity or promotions from financial institutions. However, it is also convenient to separate that this mechanism “does not exempt you from calls received for telephone calls, political purposes or telephone calls”.

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Bajan customers at the counters: Condusef

How can you register your cell phone so that you can’t mark the counters?

If you want to register, you can do it online, by phone or in a pre- sent form. Credits: Pexels/archive.

To begin, you have to decide which place the channel realizes, you remain in REUS it will only be for two years. In this sense, when I say the end of the period, the nut will automatically drop. How to start? It turns out that to access this system there are three simple forms that we tell you to continue:

  1. Online on this Condusef page

  2. Via telephone (55 53 400 999 or 800 999 8080 if you are inside the Republic)

  3. De forma presencial

How to register your cell phone online? Step by step

If you don’t want to receive more calls from the counters and look for high art in them REUS Online I keep in mind that it is a totally free process and that when carrying it out it requires little or no document. On the contrary, you should only follow the following steps:

  1. Entered the REUS page
  2. List the data you need: complete name, fixed telephone, mobile telephone and electronic telephone
  3. Confirm that you are not a robot
  4. Press the “Send” part
You can register online totally free. Credit: CONDUSEF.

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