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How can I get one of the certified helmets that Semovi will supply?

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The government of the City of Mexico recently informed that el Traffic Regulations Sufried gears with the aim that motorcyclists use helmets with safety certificate and driving license Type A1, for bikers, and type A2, for motorbikes and vehicles.

Here again, the Secretaría de Movilidad (Semovi) God to know in a video shared in his social networks that will depart helmets certified to motorcyclists as part of the campaign to avoid motorcyclist accidents.

Next, Semovi will begin with the first stage of shipping the helmets. PHOTO: Cuartoscuro

It will be from Monday the 15th of June when the dependency will begin with the first stage of delivery of the helmets: “To #SalvarVidas starting from the 15th of June we will begin with the first stage of the donation of helmets certified for the handling of motorcycles”, published the Semovi”, informed the Semovi in the red social X.

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What do I need to get one of the helmets that Semovi will include?

Semovi informed in its social circles the series of requirements that motorcyclists must fulfill to obtain one of the helmets. PHOTO: Cuartoscuro

In this context and dear to the next meal helmets with safety certificate in the country CDMXMany of you are wondering what the requirements are to be able to solicit one of them. It was Semovi who informed her social circles of the series of requirements that should be fulfilled. motorcyclists who aspire to achieve one of the helmets.

  • I go to the motorcycle school
  • Hold a current A1 or A2 motorcycling licence
  • Placas and traffic tarjeta in force in the city of Mexico
  • Keep safe
  • CURP of the person driving
  • I have not received a case previously

How many helmets will the Semovi fit on CDMX?

Recently the Traffic Regulations underwent changes. PHOTO: Cuartoscuro

There Movement Secretariat will be delivered in total mil helmets in a first stage, but you must be surprised that they won’t be the only ones, and you hope that in that moment it will be possible to get to know them more etapasso you have to be on the side of the social ranks of the dependency.

List of requirements to know for Semovi. PHOTO: Special

While for those who don’t know what they consist of motorbike schoolsPlease note that these are aimed at people who require basic knowledge of motorcycle riding. Therefore the final objective is to teach in a theoretical and practical way to all those people who are interested in doing it more safely on conduction and to improve your abilities in this way avoid slips and strengthen your safety.

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