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House of Vans, as is the experience in the only Mexican forum where all concerts are free

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To the south of the city of Mexico, look for the station Mixcoac of Line 7 of the Metro Collective Transport System, if the name is located Serralde House of the family with the same name, declared as inmueble of artistic value, and which at 130 years of starting its construction, honors its valorization with tens of events completely free for all the Mexican public in the country House Of Vans.

This inmueble was, for about 20 years, the space that housed a cave called Bulldog Caféwhere the most relevant bands of the moment are presented, and the entry lines are widened during various squares, leading to times of hope between one or two hours, but the desire for the party can roll over against the time.

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So light for the spectacular healing of the House Of Vans. Credit: Instagram / @houseofvanscdmx

House Of Vans CDMX, the favorite space for youth to raise their passions to the limit

For more than a decade the functions of the device have started House Of Vans; they were an itinerant forum that traveled to different places around the world City of Mexico where they want to have a good concert, but in 2021 they will move to the calle Rubens number 6, in Benito Juárez. A fun house, with many pasillos, squares and a design of herringbone arches and arabesques, alongside a magnificent story.

In the courtyard where there used to be a very high scenario, with little space for the public to manipulate, various types were constructed ramps for fans of the skate they can give them sabriso at the table, and they are received by a gigantic mural of calaveras. Todavía queda una esquinawhere they accommodate with much skill bass, guitars, drums and amplifiers to make Free concerts de national bands and international.

House Of Vans has spent two years exploring youth culture. Credit: Instagram / @houseofvanscdmx

On the sides of the second floor, there is space left to mount art galleriesde photography or give master’s conferences. In your pasillos you will also see a large collection of sports songs from the brand, from the tables of surfhasta patinetas, ropa, tennis, and collection figures. It should be noted that only three spaces exist throughout the world, the first located in London, England, and the newest in Chicago, United States.

“The concept is the best, because it took them more than 10 years to bring it to Mexico, in the USA we see it as something else and until it comes to life, it seems that in Mexico they hate organizing shows (only two in the Plaza Condesa, but not Are you related to Vans? Apart from that, they have bands of all kinds, just like in the United States and not just the usual indie pop or fashion ones. It’s fun to see the offers at the expos or skate day, the heels and they’re all free “But I believe that more of their strength is that they harden, maximum 11 pm for the long return home”, I told the Mexican Herald the journalist specializing in rocanrol, André Dulché.

Free art, music and culture at House Of Vans CDMX

From Monday to Sunday, it is normal to encounter some cultural event led by a entrepreneur or entrepreneur interested in forming part of a large community of future creators. The queue, not as wide as it has been for a few years, is full of young people looking for activities that are new to them. Learn to pintarto color, to drawto realize artesaníasor to write on your own fanzines.

There are free master classes. Credit: Instagram / @houseofvanscdmx

And at the end of the week, generally, although not exclusively, bands from all parts of the world are joined together scenario. Algo de rocancol, como la llegada de The Hives in recent times. Skin and the company needed so many roles from its repertoire to provoke chaos, so that the ground would vibrate with the same telephonic movement, and the bodies would join together one with the other.

“The best show that I vividly saw was The Hives, from the moment you joined one of the tables you felt the good vibration, a lot of emotion from the band and inside. The show, although it was the same as the Corona Capital, will always tend to be extra than it take Pelle; he wasn’t crowdsurfing but he spent his time running everywhere, subjecting himself to everything he saw and taking selfies in full show with the people”, says the concert photographer, André Dulche.

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Or for example, the reunion of Suicidal Tendencies with Robert Trujillo (de Metallica) in the bottom, place that now deals with hijo, Tye, but I can’t come. From three or four hours before the match, they could see, almost uniformed, the lovers of the hardcore punkespecially the emanation of the instruments of the quintet Los Angelesen California. Players, trousers and black shoes at the top, estoperoles, headbands, jacket buttons or tennis shoes, above all, Vans.

Music is one of the music’s strongest songs. Credit: Instagram / @houseofvanscdmx

But at the moment of the chords, Cell felt the real terror. Slam over there, over here, into the first floor, into the second floor, into the steps, into the bathroom, into the entrance door, into the entrance door. Nadie sucumbió ante los codazosbefore left patadasy los zapesto weigh the sweatof the bloodand of the hard words that dejaban you without air.

House Of Vans, the home of the best musical events of 2021

However, she was also given the opportunity for projects of another nature. TO The Flaming Lipsfor example, ecuánimes, anyway fun, showy y juguetones. The Mexican Brattythe few times that I came to the city of Mexico in 2023, it was staged with a spectacle of rock pop who appreciates the message much more, the connection with his audience about his virtuoso musicand yet it sounds excellent.

The scenario is placed in a corner, where they sit, accommodated with dexterity, with a group of 5 or 7 members. Credit: Instagram / @houseofvanscdmx

And so they passed PhobiaThe Garden, Charles AnsIDLES, Los Amigos Invisiblesthe Bandas Bazaar, La Maldita Vecindad and the children of the 5th Patio, Elefantes, CalonchoLittle Jesus, the fallecido Lefty SMDaniel Villareal, Nina DiozKiky, ReneeSnow Tha Product, Thundercatamong many others.

House Of Vans will continue within the favorite spaces of the Mexican public, while continuing to run the culture y el deport as soon as possible, free of charge, present, directed over all at once youth in search of spaces where they can develop, grow and get to know people with the same ones anxieties.

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